At Black Bear Diner With Mom & Dad

Welcome to the Bear Country!


Well, not really the Bear Country. It was really Black Bear Diner in Emeryville, CA.


When my parents stayed with me at my house for 3 days,  all of a sudden,  they had a hankering for a big, messy American breakfast. So, I took them to Black Bear Diner which is a whimsical, bear-themed diner. There are bears everywhere, big and small, inside and outside. Beware if you have a bear phobia or if kitschy decor makes you throw up.


Even the menu was a “newspaper” called “The Black Bear Gazette.” I think it is very cute!


My parents eyes went big when they saw how ginormous our plates were.


We shared an order of PANCAKES and VEGGIE OMELETTE which came with HASH BROWNS and BISCUIT. 


The three of us could not even finish the whole thing. We had to take a pancake and the biscuit home. Everything was tasty. We enjoyed our breakfast.

$26 with tip, coffee, iced tea and plenty of leftovers!


Great value. Ginormous portions. American diner breakfast. Kind and friendly service.

Black Bear Diner is a chain. I have been to quite a few in the Bay Area but Emeryville is now my favorite. Will definitely return!


08.18.14, Monday, Emeryville, CA

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