This week’s post is inspired by my BFF, Lovely Heather’s weekly Hungry Girl Eats posts. I wait for her post to appear starting on Saturday morning. It has become part of my weekend tradition to read Hungry Girl Eats. Her blog is full of blessings of delicious meals at home with family and friends, and little joys along the way. She is truly inspirational.

On the other hand, my week felt like it just dragged. However, in reality it was not all that bad. This is the reason why blogging is great – it opens up my heart and shows me that there are many sweet things along the way. It helps me  appreciate the daily blessings that  otherwise, would remain unnoticed. And it teaches me to be thankful for every single meal, friend, family, stranger and everything that comes my way.


  • I have been sick for a week and half now with body aches and sore throat. There was even no date night last week because of that. We just ordered Chinese delivery at home on Saturday evening.
  • ALL WEEK: Which is the reason why I had plenty of Chinese food leftovers that I took to work for lunch all throughout the week.
  • MONDAY: Finally used the knockoff Tory Burch purse that my mom brought me from the Philippines and the cute sandals. Hey, it’s how you rock it! 🙂 Got a lot of compliments.
  • WEDNESDAY: Finally caved in on Wednesday and called in sick. I crashed and napped but enjoyed a newly discovered Philly Chocolate Cream Cheese on Toasted Bagel with coffee! Yum!
  • THURSDAY: As if leftover Chinese food was not enough, I went to Chinatown on Thursday and bought more snacks of Chinese pork barbecue, pigs ears and dumplings! 🙂
  • I went to an off-site work venue on Thursday. Blogging enables me to notice pretty things just like the colorful fiesta-like papers on the ceiling.
  • Free and delish breakfast during our work retreat on Thursday – quiche lorraine, toasts with lemon curd, cheese, fruits and nuts! YUMS!
  • FRIDAY:  I have been coming in to work at least 2 hours later almost everyday  because I was just so sick but had too many appointments to take the day off. I missed a breakfast that was hosted by work on Friday. I still managed to get Starbucks coffee and granola cookies from the party. Always love free food! 🙂
  • A two-pound box of See’s Candies from the BF (and a pound for my mom)! This really cheered me up while feeling down because of  being ill.  Still have not opened it yet! xoxo
  • OTHER YUMMY EATS:: Crusty Cheese Bread and Proscuitto Sandwich with Quinoa Salad (I just had to eat something healthier this week.)

I am looking forward to feeling better and healthier this week!

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