Date Night at Cholita Linda (Again!)

Date Night: 08. 30. 14, 9 pm @ Cholita Linda (Oakland)

First, second, third time at Cholita Linda!


I was still sick on Saturday that I just wanted something really small for dinner. I just wanted to grab a bruschetta and a glass of bubbly at the wine bar in the hood.

Well, until I spotted the sign at Cholita Linda “Now Serving SANGRIA!” Forget the wine bar, hello Sangria!


I ended up getting a plate of fried fish, plantains and rice. Delish! The fish was not greasy at all.


The BF was not very hungry and just ordered two carnitas tacos.


As always, we could not resist the chips with guacamole.


And the Sangria! Generously served in a mason jar with bits of oranges and apples – not too sweet and perfectly balanced. Yum-Yum! Will definitely go back from more Sangria and the fish tacos!

Cholita Linda is now an all-time favorite. Glad that it has transformed itself from a street vendor into a brick and mortar, and chose our hood as its home.

$36 including tax and tip


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