Date with 1 1/2 Men @ Elephant Bar

Labor Day 2013, Monday @ 4 pm

I went on a date with my most favorite 1 ½ men on Labor Day Weekend. I went with Big guy, the BF and Little guy, my 11 year old nephew.

The BF and I took the little guy to Elephant Bar for dinner. Elephant Bar is a restaurant chain. I am not a big fan of chains because there are tons of independently-owned, farm-to-table restaurants in the Bay Area that serve fresher food.  However, I thought that the nephew would enjoy Elephant Bar’s safari decor of wild animals. (Too bad, I did not get to take a picture of the interior because we were like hungry hyenas who devoured our food.)

Elephant Bar is also great for the appetizer platter and just plain old guilt-laden American food.

We shared the Adventure Platter which came with potato skins with ranch dressing, thai chicken skewers, coconut shrimp and nacho with artichoke dip.


I washed mine down with Skinny Mojito (meh!)


while the nephew enjoyed his Root Beer Float.


The boyfriend ordered a steak sandwich with fries while I had the Salmon Salad.


My nephew, who took after his seafood-loving aunt, had the Teriyaki Salmon with Rice and Veggies.

The 1.5 men talked about guy stuff like sports cars. (I found out that the little nephew’s favorite sportscar is a Buggati. (I did not even know what a Buggati is until that day. It just shows that there is a lot to learn even from kids.)


Elephant Bar is okay if you do not expect well-executed and organic California cuisine. It is what it is – not-too-greasy American food but not the healthiest. I like that they put the caloric content of each dish on the menu. At least you aware that you are eating more than you full day’s dietary allotment in one seating– you might as well enjoy it!

Overall, a beautiful Monday with my most favorite boys.

$93 including tax and tip

It is okay. 

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