Girls Napa Day Trip: Hall Winery

Wine Tasting at Hall Winery (St Helena)





Girls Day Trip to Napa:  Wine Tasting at Hall Winery

The second winery we visited in Napa Valley was Hall Winery. The giant rabbit sculpture from the road was what enticed us to check out this winery.

Hall Winery is posh, very modern and huge. The building had wraparound glass walls and contemporary art. We drank our wines while admiring the breathtaking view of the vineyards.

Wine tasting was $35 for 4 pours. The girls and I actually enjoyed the  wines but not the experience. Although the staff were nice and welcoming, we felt neglected by our pourer while attending to the busy wine room. We paid for what we tasted and left without finishing the tasting.

Since we liked the view and the wines, we will give Hall Winery another try on our next trip to the Wine Country.

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