Life in Pics: 09. 08-14. 14

I am weeks behind in posting but for good reasons. Life is busy with friends and family.


W E D N E S D A Y :  This week did not really start until Wednesday when my eyeglasses broke as I was leaving for work. I had no choice but to call in sick to see an eye doctor which I put off for so long. Turns out I had severe allergies that made it not possible for me to wear contacts for over a month. She switched me to daily wear contacts but my glasses are still broken. BONUS: My eye doctor’s office is located at Costco in SF. I picked up a thing of Spicy Tuna Poke and had it for lunch when I got home.

F R I D A Y :  Girls Day Trip to Napa Valley! Yay! A beautiful day of wine tasting, shopping and picnicking. Too much sun and wine gave me a massive headache when I got home that I have not experienced in a loooong time!The BF ordered wonton soup for me since I could not hold anything down.

S A T U R D A Y : Finally! A proper Saturday Date Night! Well, it was still a quick bite at Buckhorn Grill and a movie “November Man” not far from home but still fun and less hurried.

S U N D A Y:  First time going to church as a whole family in years due to living in different continents. My brother, sister, their children and extended family were present. Very touching moment. Family lunch at Texas Roadhouse which is my dad’s all time favorite casual steak place.

E T C :  I harvested my ONE last tomato! I planted 3 tomato plants but I did not really take care of them. I got about 5 tomatoes and I think 2 were stolen! Boo-hoo!

A week blessed with fun, sun, friendships, fine wine, bountiful table and loving families! I am so grateful.

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