Goodbye, Summer.

Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow is the start of fall. As much as I am in love with fall, I am sad to see summer go. However, as my BFF Heather puts it, it is still summer in San Francisco – even when it is already fall.

I guess we are lucky to be blessed with beautiful, mild weather in the Bay Area.

Since my summer this year was focused on the family, I missed out on some yearly summer traditions. I made a Summer 2014 list but I just have to table them for next year, God-willing. I was able to check some  off my list. However, I guess I can try to do the rest before the summer is “really over”:

  1. Hiking at Lands End with a view of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge.  CHECK
  2. Visit the Tulip Garden at Golden Gate Park.  CHECK
  3. Walk at Ocean Beach. CHECK
  4. Visit and  take pictures of the Painted Ladies. CHECK
  5. Wine tasting in  Napa Valley with my girls. CHECK
  6. Enjoy the last of the summer fruits— peaches and nectarines. CHECK
  7. Summer picnic with the girls. CHECK
  8. Go to the drive-in movie.
  9. Barbecue at home.
  10. Have lunch outdoors while the weather is nice.
  11. Eat ice cream at Fenton’s with the BF.
  12. Make pesto using fresh basil.

Thanks, summer, for the sweet peaches and nectarines, fragrant basil and heirloom tomatoes; for the gorgeous sunny days but not too many hot days and for happy warm summer memories with my parents, friends and family. Until next year…..

Welcome, fall.


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