Week in Pics: Sept 15-21, 2014

Catching up on my weekly recaps before they pile up again.

  • Monday and Tuesday: These days came and went like a hazy blur. Just work, work and more work. 🙂
  • Wednesday: aka Hump Day for many but Wednesday is my happy weekday for a couple of reasons: 2 more days until the weekend (yay!) and farmers market close to work. I got to enjoy going to the farmers market this week. I made a meal out of the almond samples and tried every flavor: orange honey, wasabi, cinnamon, toffee, raspberry almonds.  Shhh!  I also bought peaches which will no longer be available until next summer. I will definitely miss them.
  • Lotsa Food Friday: Two parties going on on two different floors at work. Definitely a fun Friday morning socializing with co-workers. My co-worker even said “I know you will not eat those. You will just stare at them because they are pretty.” How right she was, I just gave the food away after I took lots of food pics because I was scheduled to have lunch with my friend, R. We tried a new restaurant, Four Seasons Vietnamese. We both enjoyed it and will definitely go back!
  • Saturday Date Night: At Chuck E. Cheese’s! I am a grown woman but I actually like Chuck E. Cheese’s as long as you do not make me eat the food including the cardboard pizza. We attended a friend’s kid’s party. The BF and I had fun playing football, car race, taking doodle pics, etc. Dinner was Kyber Pass Afghan Restaurant in the Dublin which turned out to be nice and delicious.
  • Sunday: Another allergy attack! Grrr! I just stayed home watching NFL football  which I really love. I am turning into a dude!:)

I am grateful for my job, kind bosses and friendly co-workers. I am also thankful for little things that give me joy such as farmers market brimming with produce raised with love and pride, sunny weekday lunches with good friends, and for the love of friends and family. I am truly grateful for every blessing that come my way.

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