Food Crush #4: Barney’s Gourmet Burgers (Oakland)






Way before Umami, Marlowe, Super-Duper and other “designer” burgers in the Bay Area became popular among foodies, Barney’s has already been around. Before gourmet burgers became a fad, Barney’s has already been feeding  folks in San Francisco, Oakland and Southern California with specialty burgers: French-style topped with blue cheese on baguette,  Caribbean, Parisian, Maui Waui with teriyaki sauce, Cajun-dusted, etc.

My first introduction to fun burgers was almost a decade ago, and it was at Barney’s. Honestly, I like my burgers “traditional” – just a little bit of mayo, tomato, lettuce and onion. Hold the cheese and give me the best ground beef chuck out there. Barney’s is okay in my book. It is decent but not the juiciest burgers. The venue is casual, family-friendly and fun. There is even a fireplace at  Barney’s in Rockridge. Though beware, these burgers come with a matching gourmet price tag.

Personal Note: When my parents stayed with me for 3 days in August, my mostly pescetarian dad has been hit by a bad case of burger cravings. And he made it clear – no fast food like Burger King or McD. Barney’s is just down the street from home and I took my parents here. My mom and I were still full from breakfast that we just munched on  the onion rings and fries while we watched my dad devour his burger (traditional, like how I like mine). And he declared it “good!”

Mission accomplished.

$35 for one iced tea, diet coke and fries/onion rings with tip


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