100 Happy Moments

     21: A Delicious Sleep On A Rainy Fall Night

Today  is one of the most relaxing days of my life, and I want to remember this day.

Some people have mastered the art of doing nothing. I have not. Days of full relaxation for me are so rare.

I am just the type the person who believes in delayed gratification. I rarely sit down unless I have finished everything I am supposed to do – house chores, grocery-shopping, obligations,  etc. Therefore, I rarely achieve that ultimate feeling of not having a care in the world and actually enjoy it. Restful moments, yes, but very rarely a day where I give myself permission to totally abandon all responsibilities and embrace stillness without guilt.

It started out last night after I came home at 8:30 pm from dropping my parents off at my sister’s house. They stayed with me for 3 days. I enjoyed every moment with them but I was exhausted playing tourist guide. Since I already had dinner at my sister’s house, I just ate a couple of Skyflake crackers (one of the comfort foods  of my childhood) that my dad gave me, with brie and a refreshing glass of Sofia rose while watching Dateline.

The house is quiet and cozy. It smells of fall because of candles all over the house– pumpkin spice, cinnamon and burnt wood. The house is decorated for Halloween – lamps with witches and bats, pumpkins and owls. I grabbed 2 pillows and fuzzy blanket from the bedroom and took them to the living room. As soon as  my head hit the pillow on my couch, I slept a dreamless and uninterrupted sleep until almost 10 am the next morning.

I do not even know what time I fell asleep. I just remember blowing out the candles but I was too tired to turn off the Halloween lamp and other battery-operated decors were still  on – I never leave anything on before I go to bed.  The BF stayed with his family to allow me to spend time with my parents so I had the whole house to myself.

I slept so soundly that I did not even hear the rain. My guy told me later on that it rained hard at dawn.  I had one of the soundest sleeps of my life that  I could remember. My cat slept on his little bed by the fireplace. I woke up so relaxed. I felt carefree. I have no chores. My mom cleaned my house and my garden before they left yesterday.

I enjoyed 2 cups of coffee and a bagel for breakfast. I had salmon spread on one half and pumpkin cheese cake on the other. So good!

The rest of the day was living in my pj’s while talking on the phone with my parents, sister,  nephew and my guy all throughout the day. I cooked barbecue beef on the slow cooker for tomorrow’s dinner, blogged, read, watched a scary episode of Mysteries of the Museum, went grocery shopping for half an hour – not necessarily in this order.

Bottom line is it was a lazy and carefree day. It was completely uneventful but it was simply one of those  good days that leave you feeling so light. It is such a blessing to achieve this level of rest and relaxation that hardly a spendy massage could accomplish. Spending time with my parents and knowing that they are  just on an hour away instead of being thousands of miles  across the Pacific always make me feel so safe and like a child again. These must have been the reasons why. And I want to remember because I do not know when I will feel like this again.

09.15.14, Wednesday

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