Food Crush #5:  Triptypch (San Francisco)



I was invited to a private lunch function at Triptycph. Triptych is a restaurant and gallery in one. It focuses on  New American cuisine and is  located in the South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco.


Up until the point where my friend pointed out the paintings to me, I was completely oblivious to the fact that the paintings were of male subjects in  ‘compromising’ positions. Definitely risqué, fun and so San Francisco. At this point my year-round Filipino tan changed to the color of Rudolf’s red nose. *blush*


The venue is definitely colorful and artistic. However, I guess if one does not want to stare at the paintings (even unintentionally like me but my eyes kept on gravitating involuntarily to the walls), one can opt to dine al fresco style on a warm day at the inviting backyard.


The food, just like the art work on the walls, was colorful, artistically presented and fun to look at. And they were also delicious. I chose  Vegan Curry Tofu with Chickpeas as my main dish. Refreshing and yummy.


The salad was also nice. I loved that it was not overly dressed.


Now, let me tell you about the dessert – it was my favorite part. The piping hot beignets drizzled with strawberry sauce with a side of strawberry cream were DIVINE! It took every ounce of self-control for me to not eat every single one of these fried balls and lick the plate.


Triptych was fun and definitely a San Francisco experience.

Many thanks to my hosts who invited me to this generous and lovely lunch.



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