Life in Pics: October 12-19, 2014

Sunday to Tuesday: Fun 3 days with my parents where  they slept over at my house, sharing many meals including  having lunch at a Japanese restaurant and hanging out in the City with them.

Wednesday:  Me time at home. A night of most restful sleep and a day of enjoying a cozy fall day at home. Healing for the body and soul through rest and comfort foods (pumpkin cream cheese on bagel and  hot cups of coffee.)  Celebrating simple joys like decorating the house with pumpkins and fun halloween decorations.

Thursday: Back to work. Pumpkin Muffin for breakfast!

Friday:      Delicious Burmese lunch with BFF Lovely Heather @ Burmese Kitchen. Sauteed pumpkins (yes more pumpkins) and tea leaf salad with brown rice and Burmese tea. A short but really enjoyable lunch because of the beautiful company.

And a lovely present from BFF Heather who always spoils me. Yes, another one– pumpkin spice candle – because we both love anything pumpkin! 🙂 Thanks for the lunch treat and candle, Heather. it really made my Friday! xoxo 🙂

Saturday: A gorgeous evening in Berkeley. BF and I stayed in our pj’s just watching our TV shows until late afternoon. We did not leave the house until evening and had a casual dinner of sliders, beer and fries at Phil’s Sliders. Perfect evening for outside dining and people watching.

After dinner we grabbed more snacks of musubi and Kalua pork at Wiki-Wiki, a mom and pop Hawaiian eatery. Ate our snacks watching Tales of Crypt 2 until past 1 am. Fun date night!


  • Church with the whole family.
  • Lunch of beef nilaga, fish sinigang, daing and tuyo at my brother’s house after church. Delish! (I could never get tired of nilaga which is a boiled beef with potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage and plantain bananas! My siblings are ready to choke me for answering “nilaga!” every time my parents ask me what I want for Sunday lunch.) 
  • Attended the church’s Harvest Festival before going home and got to hangout with my family. And hogging the free photo booth with my sister-in-law while wearing different hat and goofy glasses. A fun Sunday!
  • Pumpkin, persimmons and cantaloupe that my mom and aunt gave me as I was leaving to go home late Sunday afternoon. I never go home empty handed. The pumpkins and persimmons were from my aunt’s garden. Truly a celebration of harvest season!

I am ever so grateful for these gifts of love from my parents, family and friends. Thankful for bountiful table and harvest that were generously shared with me. And for the solitude and  rest that this season brings!

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