Date Night:  Khyber Pass Kabob (Dublin, CA)


The BF and I  randomly chose Khyber Pass Kabob after attending a kids’ party at Chuck E. Cheese in Dublin. We are not familiar with the City of Dublin which is a Bay Area suburb. Yelp bookmarks to the rescue!

Khyber Pass was a great choice. It is a casual Afghan restaurant but nicely decorated in beautiful vivid colors that reflect the culture. There was  even a section where you have to take your shoes off and sit on the floor while dining. It sounded like fun but not every comfortable for us since we are not used to sitting in that position. We ate at the main dining area.

Everything we had was very tasty and well-seasoned.

  • A big bowl of complimentary salad was placed in front of us as soon as we sat down.
  • The hot spicy Afghan tea was very nIce and soothing.
  • KUFTA CHALLOW for the BF: $12.95
  • TROUT FISH for me: $11.95


The BF liked his dish while I really enjoyed my crispy fish with rice. So simple but delish! A delicious choice for Afghan cuisine when in Dublin. Value was also great. Each generously portioned dish was about $12 or less. Service was efficient and friendly. (The only downside is no alcohol is served but they allow BYOB without charging a fee.)

About $36 with tea, soda and tip


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