Week in Pictures: October 20-26, 2014

Volunteer work, staff meeting, new eats, sunny fall day outdoors, achy bones and chocolates are the highlights of this week. It was a busy but fun week with many joys along the way!


  • Brazilian Cheese Bread for brekkie (YUM!)
  • A heart-warming gift of chocolates. This box of Ghirardelli chocolate has a story and I will write about it on a separate post.


  • More chocolates — a tin of Tabasco chocolates from one of my team mates!


  • A gorgeous day! I took advantage of it by eating outdoors  at the United Nations Plaza. Finally tried the Indian veggie puff with chutney that I have been eyeing for weeks. Pretty good!
  • As if that was not enough, I bought 3 potato samosas for snacking later from one of the food vendors. I am addicted!


  • We were dropping like flies at work. Thursday was my turn. I had to stay home because of achy bones and sore throat. Yuck! I stayed home all day and lived in my pj’s. Had brown rice, pumpkin and Filipino sardines (that BFF Heather gave me a while back. Thanks!)  at home.


  • Volunteered at a homeless program as part of community work project. It is a privilege to serve these folks and hear their stories of struggles and victories.
  • Found a new delicious sandwich place in the TL — Morty’s. Pastrami sammies for my team during our weekly staff meeting, and pastrami for the BF for dinner. Soy Reuben sammie for me.


  • A most enjoyable date night at Kushido — a new izakaya restaurant in the hood. Fun night of noshing on Japanese small plates.


  • Church with the family.
  • Lunch of beef nilaga again at my sister’s house! (Yes, because it is my favorite and want it every weekend.)
  • Candy caramel apples from my mom.

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