November 3-9, 2014

This week was so busy that by Friday, I could not see nor talk straight – literally. Feeling sick and running around like a chicken with the head cut off, I took on an extra “job” of editing one of my best gal’s masteral thesis. It was PTSD all over again remembering my own thesis nightmares years ago. However, I love this girl like my own sister and will do anything for her.   Despite the craziness, it turned out to be fun week with lots of moments worth remembering.


  • Spicy pigs ears from Maxim’s (San Jo) Note to Self: Get more!
  • Onigiri and kushi dango at Kissako Tea (SF): My fave Japanese treats and must have whenever I am in J-Town.
  • Ahi Tuna Poke. I just have to get this every time it is being sold at Costco.
  • Stuffed myself with leftover spaghetti on Veterans Day at home. Nothing beats comfort food!


  • Fun retail therapy at Daiso Japan for whatchamacalits
  • Monthly grocery shopping at Costco
  • Bargain-hunting with my mom at Factory-2-U. My sister discovered this place. It was so cheap that my mom and I went  cray shopping for pj’s, 2 pairs of slippers, candles, robe, throw pillows, etc and did not even spend $50. My kind of shopping!.


  • An hour of solitude at J Town while waiting to meet up with Edelmira for afternoon tea. Shopping at Daiso Japan and little treats at Kissako Tea. Then had a quiet time by the water fountain. Such a precious hour. 
  • A relaxing Veterans Day Holiday at home all by myself!


  • Afternoon Tea at Crown and Crumpet (SF) with mejor amiga Edelmira. Such a beautiful afternoon of catching up and celebrating our friendship over pots of tea and tea bites.


  • Friday Ice Cream Social at work. Even though I cannot eat dairy I enjoyed feeding my team mates. Perfect TGIF treat! I just had to try a teaspoon of the salted caramel ice cream from TJ. That one is worth suffering for!


  • Takeout Friday: Burritos from El Castillito SF. BF and I loved. Lengua Burrito, anyone?
  • Saturday Movie: Standup Guys. One of my teammates let me borrow his DVD. Who cares if the critics did not like it? I love gangster movies and Al Pacino is super-cool! Loved it!
  • Date night at Monster Pho (Oakland). Lingering body ache and sore throat. A big bowl of pho was what the doctor ordered but I ironically, I ordered the rice plate instead while the BF had the pho. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  • BF and I took a sweet stroll in our hood, visited a new wine bar and delighted to see a new charcuterie/buchery restaurant moving in.


  • Church service with parents. Mom’s chicken afritada for lunch. Shopping at Factory2U with mom and dad. Hangout at my brother’s house and once again I did not go home empty handed. My sister in law gave me ribs sinigang to go which I had for lunch 2 days in a row! Lotion and shampoo from her (extreme) couponing hobby. LOL! Tomatoes and mushrooms from my uncle.

As always I am grateful for life’s little quiet moments, precious memories of friendship, the gift of my parents, the freedom of worship,  the love of family, abundant harvest  and God’s never ending grace.

Life is simple and blessed.

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