San francisco | crown & crumpet

Afternoon Tea with Edelmira @ Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop


My amiga mejor, Edelmira, and I shared a delightful afternoon over two pots of tea and little tea bites. Crown and Crumpet is located inside the New People Building. (Anime fans, take note!) C&C Tea Stop is definitely very pastel pink. It is cuteness overload which makes this chic tea place not your typical stuffy tea parlor. Being located by the entrance to the mall makes it less serene but definitely a fun venue for girly-girls.







Crown and Crumpet offers 38 teas with fun names. I had a pot of  “Alice’s ‘Drink Me’ Tea” which is a black tea with champagne and sugar crystals. Edelmira had a pot of the herbal “Keep Calm and Carry On Tea” which had chamomile and peppermint leaves.

Both teas were lovely. As for our bites we shared a pretty tier of:

  •  Freshly prepared finger sandwiches (ham, egg, salmon)
  •  Warm savories (egg frittata, cheese muffins, etc)
  • Scone served with strawberry jam, house made lemon curd & clotted cream
  • Toasted crumpet with butter
  •  Sweets & treats (little cakes, lemon bar, chocolate-covered strawberries, etc)

The tea bites were enjoyable but will not be among my most faves. The sandwiches were a little dry and the crumpets tasted like the ones you get at Trader Joe’s. Would I still return? In a heartbeat!  The venue is fun and the service was very attentive.

I would recommend to wait for a Groupon deal which was $35 for two people instead of $96 if paying the regular price! Tip is based on full price of $96.

A memorable and sweet afternoon with a lovely friend. Thanks for the company and the cute present, Edelmira! xoxo

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