Week in Pictures: November 17-23, 2014


  • Thank God for the much-needed and much-awaited rain. It was a cozy and wet week.


  • I need new boots (I always do! Ha! Ha!). I love boots and wear them almost year round which is possible in San Francisco. I found these cute and water-proof ones which were perfect for the stormy week.


  • My first visit to the African- American Culture Complex in SF. It was an enlightening cultural experience.


  • Serendipitous meeting with BFF Heather. We did not know that we were attending the same training! I was thrilled to see her sitting on the other side of the room.
  • We texted each other during the training and agreed to go to Japantown for lunch which was just  few blocks away.
  • Had tempura bento lunch at Super Mira Japanese Grocery Store. It was a delight to see her overjoyed as she was exploring Super Mira’s Japanese groceries and authentic fresh Japanese food items.


  • BFF and I were like two crazed kids and grabbed all kinds of goodies such as musubi and bentos.
  • Also bought Strawberry Sponge cake (Green Tea for her) from Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop which is inside Super Mira. Yasukochi is a beloved San Francisco icon for 40 + years and is famous for its coffee cake. The strawberry sponge cake was so light, not so sweet and so delicious! I definitely need to go back!
  • A quick stop at another beloved San Francisco icon – Benkyodo which makes the best mochi in SF. I got regular bean mochis while Heather got the blueberry and peanut butter mochis. Yum!
  • An ube hopia from Heather which was sent to her overnight by her friend from Los Angeles which is generously shared with me. So fresh!


  • A delicious lunch date with another GF, Parker at Four Seasons in the TL.  This is becoming my fave  mom and pop authentic Vietnamese restaurant in SF.  Always great to catch up with my friend and my shrimp in tamarind broth was really good!
  • Another lunch with BFF! With our super-busy schedules, Heather and I are happy if we can see each other more than once a month but this is two in one week! This was was planned because we wanted  to have a last hurrah at Burmese Kitchen before it closes on 11/26. We are sad to see it lose its lease but as always we really enjoyed our lunch.


  • Celebrated nephew’s 11th birthday and an advance birthday for my mom at Centennial Hall in Morgan Hill on Saturday
  • We drove to my brother and sis-in-law’s house afterwards to continue the celebration and to watch the Pacquiao fight. It was Filipino food galore – pancit palabok, pancit bihon, menudo, laing, pork bbq, Bicol Express, Filipino-style chicken sandwich, spaghetti, banh mi, dim sum, mamon (sponge cake), etc.
  • Pacquiao fight party! Loud, with tons of food, boozing (only the men) – just like proper Filipino party should be! LOL! It was nice to see family friends and relatives I have not seen in a long time. Of course, Pacman won!

M E  T I M E

  • My car broke down on Saturday as I was driving from the first party to my brother’s house. My dad and my brother would not let me drive my car anymore and asked me to leave it with them. (Turned out to be a busted radiator). Good thing the BF and I took two separate cars since he was coming from work.
  • A good excuse to stay home and not see my family in San Jose. Much wanted Sunday rest.  My mom packed lots of Filipino food leftovers for me. I was all set as I spent my Sunday watching the Niners and pigging out on leftovers.
  • Niners won! Go Niners!

Obviously a packed week with an abundance of love from my family, BFF and friends. A table laden with delicious food cooked with love, little treats that bring big joys, blessings of rain; for watching over each and everyone, and keeping us warm and safe. I thank the Lord for His never-ending kindness and perfect timing.

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