Thanksgiving 2014







Thanksgiving Weekend  2014 in Pictures

November 26-30, 2014

I did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving because there is no Thanksgiving in the Philippines.Thanksgiving lacked personal  significance during my first few years in the US in the absence of my family who reside all over the world. However, as I collected and created happy Thanksgiving memories each and every year, then I have learned to fully embrace this American tradition. Thanksgiving in the US is traditionally associated with turkey, sweet potato pies, and special holiday food, harvest, family reunions, shopping and the Mayflower Pilgrims. My childhood memories do not include  these history and traditions.  In the many years since I started calling California home, Thanksgiving became a beloved holiday. I have learned to enjoy these things as well. I also thought — what a beautiful day to be reminded of what one is grateful for in this life. It makes me focus on the abundance of what really matters most: delicious meals, family, friends, life, home, hope. So many to mention!

My Thanksgiving this year did not include a roast turkey or Black Friday shopping. (We never go. Just not fans of big crowds.) However, I had plenty of scrumptious food, laughter and love among friends and family, rest, solitude, a cozy fireplace, rain and football! 🙂

W E D N E S D A Y:  Half-day at work/Really packed day.

  • Short and sweet Thanksgiving lunch date with my best gals at Amber India in SF. Spending time with my girls completed my Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Shopping at Macy’s Union Square for my mom’s present. Got her a perfume set and make-up set from Elizabeth Arden. She loved her presents.
  • The BF picked me up from BART since my car was still in San Jose.
  • Mom’s birthday dinner at Tomi Buffet at Eastridge Mall in San Jose. She chose this venue.  The whole family was complete with aunt and uncles. We really got our money’s worth of buffet food (and more) with my families’ appetites. Me, I only ate about $5 worth of food. 😦


  • Change of plan. When we heard that my parents decided to go to our relatives’ house in Stockton (which is about two hours away from home), the BF and I decided to have a quiet Thanksgiving at home with a guest, instead.
  • Our Thanksgiving menu: Prime Rib and mashed potatoes (which I proudly cooked and turned out delish!), cranberry sauce, cauliflower, pumpkin pie and Cinnabon buns.  We were so stuffed! A simple but delicious dinner!
  • Watched football all day which is our Thanksgiving tradition. Sadly, the Niners sucked! Boo!

F R I D A Y:  Pjs, pizza, movies and fireplace

  • We stayed in our PJs all day, had a fave TV show/ silly movie marathon (Cujo/NonStop).
  • BF and I were so comfortable and cozy that we did not want to go out for date night.. We ordered pizza and he got me my own medium chicken alfredo pizza from Cybelle’s while he got his own carnivore pizza.
  • Lit the fireplace for the first time this year.

S A T U R D A Y: “Me Time”

  • BF had to work.
  • Christmas shopping at Costco. Happy to cross some items off my list.
  • More cozy and lazy Saturday evening. More silly movies including Catwoman. Lit the fireplace again and ate more leftover pizzas.

S U N D A Y: Mother & Daughter Shopping

  • Church with the whole family.
  • Mom and I had fun shopping at Macy’s at Eastridge mall. I have not done this in a long time since my mom and dad are inseparable. I love hanging out with my dad as well but this afternoon was special. Loving my new dress, top and earrings.

This particular Thanksgiving was a hectic one with my mom and nephew’s birthday on top of the Thanksgiving celebration. However, I am very grateful that this one was also very special. This has been our Thanksgiving as a whole family in many, many years!

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