Yakitori at  Kushido (Oakland) – CLOSED


Kushido is the newest addition to the trendy Temescal neighborhood’s food scene.  The BF and I made a commitment to support Oakland by eating in the city we live in and we are very proud of despite its political and economic struggles. I was excited to try this new izakaya and we were not disappointed. The place is chic and rustic  with heavy wood tables without appearing stuffy. Definitely date night worthy.

We have not had such enjoyable  ( and splurgey dinner but so worth it!) in a long while until we dined at Kushido. I felt like we tried (what did we not try?!) almost everything on the menu!


  1. BACON-WRAPPED scallops
  2. Beef WAGYU
  3. Quail Eggs
  4. Tongue
  5. BUTA KAKUNI Braised pork belly, spinach, egg, sweet soy sauce
  6. CHICKEN KARAGE soy and ginger marinated fried chicken
  7. KUSHI KATSU Deep fried kurobuta pork cutlet, tonkatsu sauce


  1. POKE TUNA Diced tuna with onions and poke sauce
  2. Sashimi

RAMEN: SHOYU RAMEN soy based broth, sliced chasu, spinach, bamboo shoots

DESSERT: Bean and green tea ice cream



As I stated earlier the BF and I had a fun dining experience at Kushido. The staff were very friendly and attentive. The chef came out and gave us 2 complimentary dishes! (One was some kind of tuna tartare.) I was told that no alcohol was being served yet and that  they were still working on the alcohol menu. What a sweet gesture when one of the staff surprised me with their COMPLIMENTARY delicious version of an Appletini!

Chic and trendy neighborhood izakaya without the snoot. I would recommend  sticking with the yakitori get a full appreciation of Kushido’s strength.The sushi, poke and sashimi were decent but Kushido is not going to be known for its sushi.  And definitely order the RAMEN! With the ramen places popping up all over the Bay Area, Kushido’s ramen is up there in the tastiness scale. Oh, did I mention that ending our meal with the green tea ice cream with beans was lovely? (It reminded me of the Filipino halo-halo.)

$136 including tip


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