(Photo: Holiday Party Tablescape)

Week in Pics

December 1-7, 2014

Ahh! December seems to be going by so fast. Thankful to survive the first week of December. My days until the end of this month are going to be super-packed with many, many responsibilities. I decided to take it one day at the time and have faith that everything is going to work out in the end. Here are the highlights to this week:

  • This week was “detox week.” After all the rich and yummy food that we ate during Thanksgiving, the BF and I decided to just have turkey sandwiches for dinner M-F. Daily lunches for me were brown rice and veggies or tofu, or salad. So no yummy food posts this week.
  • The BF got into a  car accident on Tuesday that involved 4 cars on the freeway. I had to meet him in the emergency room but he and his car are fine. Just some back pain.
  • The highlight of the week was attending the BF’s company’s holiday party on Saturday. It was an intimate gathering at a golf club. Open bar and  bottles of wine on the table. Yummy food were generously provided.  I had salmon, veggies and salad plus a cranberry vodka and half a margarita. My Asian tolerance got in the a way of enjoying the open bar. 😉 We also won a $25 iTunes gift cert. This time I let the BF keep it.
  • Found some holiday treasures at a garage sale with my mom and dad after church.  (A $4 candle for my mom  and a brand-new Santa mug for me for a $1!)
  • STORM! The rain came down in sheets almost all week. It was a very wet commute but we need the rain in California which is currently suffering from drought.
  • An uplifting church worship followed by delicious lunch at my brother’s house on Sunday. We were complete as a whole family plus an aunt and uncle showed up. (We had sinigang, nilaga, fried fish and adobo.) It was very inspiring to meet the preacher who is a missionary from Thailand. Talking to him reminded me to remember that God provides and He provides generously. The pastors I meet have so little in material possessions yet they are are happy and lack nothing. (My own grandfather was a missionary. I love listening to my dad about how they were blessed as a family despite being so poor when he was growing up traveling with my grandpa. I never met him in this life but will surely meet him someday.)
  • The Niners LOST to the Raiders! As how my 11 year old nephews put it – SERIOUSLY?!!!!! I still love the Niners but I am done with them this season. No more Niners!!!!! Booo!
  • A little bit of “me time.” The BF worked late on Thursday and I was able to go shopping at San Francisco Shopping Center for some holiday candles and hand soaps (peppermint and cinnamon) at Bath and Body Works. Went home and I was able to finish a trashy holiday novel in one sitting. A totally decadent evening.LOL!

I am thankful to God for the opportunity to hear stories that touch our lives and inspire us. I am thankful to Him for keeping my loved ones safe,  for the gift of my loving family, the rain, little rests along the way, the gift of labor and for providing us with everything we need.

With my gratitude is a silent prayer to bless those who are lonely, cold, sick and in need of comfort. As much as I love the rain, it broke my heart when I saw a young homeless woman sleeping against a wall with her dog during the storm. They were both very uncomfortable and wet.

Life hurts but I will continue to hold on to hope for myself and others.

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