Date Night @ The Food Trucks

The BF was having a bad case of food truck cravings that we had to pay another visit to SoMa Streat Food Truck Park.  (San Francisco)

                                   BACON BACON TRUCK


The BF went straight for one of the most popular food trucks – Bacon Bacon Truck.  (Bacon Bacon was a controversial food truck because the neighbors of its brick and mortar restaurant petitioned for it to leave its location because the neighborhood smelled of bacon 24/7.)


He ordered THE BELLY which was pork belly sandwich, organic fried egg, arugula, caper aioli.



I do not eat bacon but when it comes to CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON, I make an exception. The BF got me a couple of chocolate-covered candy bacons with candy corns since it was close to Thanksgiving when we went.

VERDICT: The BF loved everything we ordered at Bacon Bacon while I loved the chocolate bacon! (I only took a bite of the pork belly sandwich and fries. They were yummy!)

                                       KOKIO REPUBLIC 


I gravitated towards Kokio Republic which is a Korean food truck known for KFC or Korean Fried Chicken.


I ordered Kimchi Nachos, KFC wings and tofu balls.

VERDICT: The BF loved the kimchi nachos while I really liked the tofu balls. I barely touched the chicken wings. They were okay but I was not really in the mood to eat greasy food that day. I found the dishes at Kokio too sweet for my taste.

                                            El Calamar Food Truck

The BF noticed that I barely ate during dinner. He bought me Salchi Papa  before we left just in case I got hungry later.  Salchi Papa was  french fries w/ diced hot dogs and two kinds of aioli sauces from  El Calamar which is a Peruvian Food Truck .

VERDICT: I was a little disgusted at first at the thought of eating hot dogs but  I could not stop eating the fries and hot dogs once I got started  later that night. The hotdogs reminded me that hot dogs were my  comfort food when I was a little girl. 🙂


                                           FIRETRAIL PIZZA


The BF also picked up a thin-crust Margherita pizza to go from Fire Trail which boasts of cooking their pizza in a wood-fired oven inside the truck.

VERDICT: One thing I can say is this pizza was not good cold the morning after. (I love eating cold pizza in the morning.) I have to try this food truck and eat the pizza while it is still hot before I can decide on my verdict.


Another fun date night on a cold November evening at SOMA Food Park which is a food truck park. This is a place to experience different food trucks in San Francisco in a totally fun and comfortable environment complete with a heated covered place to eat, clean bathrooms, arcade, live music and alcohol.

The fun is in bringing an adventurous appetite and try ‘em all. (Which was what the BF and I did!)

(Here are the yummy pics and post of our 2013 date night at Soma Streat Food Park.)



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