100 Blessings and Happy Moments


     20. Decorating the Christmas Tree with my Mom and Dad

One of my biggest wishes this year is to spend few days with my parents at my house while they are visiting  in the Bay Area this year.

And another biggest wish is to decorate my Christmas tree with my mom and dad. Decorating the tree every 16th of December is one of my fondest childhood memories while I was still living in the Philippines.

Every year on this date, my mom would ask me to decorate our artificial tree. We would often do it together unless she had patients waiting for her. Regardless, I was often excited to do it on my own. Cousins, aunts and/or playmates would help out as well.

The last time I have decorated the tree with my mom was when I was a kid in the Philippines. After my siblings and I moved to the US, we hardly spent the Christmas holidays with my parents since we lived apart from them.

I am so thankful that I got one of my Christmas wishes this year when I invited them to stay over a my house for a couple of nights. Before they came over, I already decorated the house with holiday decors – except for the tree, I purposely waited for them.

On Sunday night, after dinner, I lit the fireplace. My mom and I decorated my 9 ft tall real pine tree. My mom seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, if not more. My dad just sat in the living room enjoying the fire while watching us. My mom loves the smell of the pine tree and having a real live one. She told me that real pine Christmas trees in the Philippines are available but rare. I mostly remember artificial trees in every household when I was a kid in Manila. Regardless, to a Filipino child, every Christmas tree is magical.

 Our tree came out pretty even with the cat already terrorizing it by climbing inside and seizing the decors. My mom, dad and I all sat down and admired the tree while having hot chocolate and tea.

This evening is going to be one of my most cherished memories of rare holiday  moments with my parents. And I thank God for this beautiful day and granting one of my Christmas wishes.


This is our beautiful tree! (We do not hang decors on the lower branches because my cat would grab them. He still manages to grab the decors from the higher boughs anyway!)

Note to self: Wrap presents soon and put under the tree!

12.14.14, Sunday Evening

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