Week  in Pics: 12.8-14.14

This whole week was a blur as will the rest of my December is going to be.  All the days are jumbled together along with good memories, endless things to do for my dad’s birthday, Christmas lists, work,  etc. Here are the highlights of my second week of December:

  • RAIN: Super-storm was predicted during the week. From someone who was born and raised in  Manila, the one we had was nothing but sprinkles compared to the typhoons we have in the Philippines. 🙂 I am glad that it was mostly uneventful. It was still a very wet week.
  • CHRISTMAS COOKIES: Russian Tea cookies from one of my teammates’ mom. I love giving and receiving freshly baked cookies during the holidays. Hers was delicious!
  • “HOLIDAY ME TIME”: on Tuesday. It has been my tradition to take a day here and there during the holidays to decorate the house, stay home and have a quiet time enjoying the solitude of the season. And I did just that. I took the day off and  decorated the house but waited for my mom so we could decorate the tree together on Sunday.
  • BRUNCH: I am not fond of going out for brunch but my one of  simplest joys is having brunch at home in my pjs. I had pasta with clam sauce from Trader Joe’s . (Believe it  or not, it only has 180 calories per serving, tastes light and so delish!)
  • COFFEE BREAK: Enjoyed cups of coffee with Snickerdoodle creamer from my “ garage-sale-find” brand new mug for $1!
  • PAROL & HOLIDAY DECORS: (I know that I still have not moved past Tuesday.) Stayed in my pj’s all day putting up Christmas decors including the pretty parol (handcrafted Christmas lantern usually in a shape of a star. Mine lights up!) that my parents sent me from the Philippines many years ago. They were thrilled to know that I take care of it after all these years. ( I will post a picture next time.)
  • LUNCH TREAT: Cool friend Cathy treated me to lunch at Asia Box at Macy’s Cellar at Union Square. It was drizzly which just made Union Square cozy with all its holiday decors. I had the tofu bowl which was good. I am a fan!
  • HOLIDAY PARTY:  I did a dine and dash  before every one got down. I just had a glass of champagne and small plate of food with my co-workers then I left. I  have the best co-workers in the world but 45 minutes is about the only amount of time that I can tolerate at work holiday parties. 🙂 I guess because I do not want to view my co-workers in a different light the following week! LOL!
  • CHICKEN WINGS  DATE NIGHT: was a pick-up order of 3 boxes of chicken wings at Wingstop. The BF and I love Wingstop! Devoured the parmesan, mango habanero and mild-flavored chicken wings, carrot and celery sticks and fries at home while watching a silly old  movie “Pet Sematary 2.” We love to watch  stupid movies so we can make fun of them! LOL! Fun and cozy date night!
  • SUNDAY DINNER WITH MOM & DAD: I invited my mom and dad to stay over at my house until Tuesday. I picked them up from San Jose after church. We had dinner at my mom’s favorite restaurant in Chinatown “Gum Kuo.” For as long as I remember, we have been eating at this place every time they visit. My mom loves their jook, shrimp and mushroom rice rolls and gai lan with oyster sauce.
  • HOLIDAY TIME WITH MY PARENTS: I got my special wish this holiday season. My Christmas wish was to spend time with my parents this holiday season at my house. They came over on Sunday and stayed until Tuesday. I just love hanging out with my parents. Special love to my guy who graciously and generously welcomes my parents to our home. He knows how limited my time is with my parents before they go back to the Philippines. He stayed at his own family’s house once again just so I can enjoy my parents all to myself.

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to the Lord for continuing to give my parents life and strength, and giving us opportunities to be a whole family again. I could never express my gratitude enough. I am thankful for the simple joys and tremendous blessings this week.

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