Christmas wishes 2014


100 Simple Joys

     29. Simple Christmas Wishes Coming True

Holiday 2014 is a very busy and quite stressful season for me. This year is a special year because our parents are visiting. It has been many years since they have visited us around this time of the year. Usually they come over around spring. Despite having so many things to take care of to make this Christmas special for my mom and dad, and planning my dad’s birthday the day after Christmas, I am trying to celebrate winter as I have celebrated every year. Traditionally,  winter for me  means a time for solitude, lots of rest and quiet. It is quite challenging this year to have a serene holiday season but I am still trying to steal moments here and there to enjoy a little bit of “holiday me time”.  Here is my list:

  • Drink lots of hot chocolate. CHECK! (Have been drinking a lot of flavored hot cocoa – Sugar Babies, Chocolate Mints, Tootsie Rolls. Yes, they come in hot chocolate form! YUM!)
  • Eat apple pie. CHECK!
  • Enjoy as many flavored coffees as I can. CHECK! (My fave is the Snickerdoodle creamer. So delish!)
  • Cookies and candies haul from Trader Joe’s – peppermint and pumpkin flavors. CHECK!
  • Buy holiday candles from Bath and Body Works. CHECK!
  • Bake cookies.
  • Take a day off to decorate the house. CHECK!
  • Cozy evenings by the fireplace. (Lots of stormy and cold evenings lately, i.e., fireplace weather.)  CHECK!
  • A couple of days off to enjoy the holidays quietly at home. CHECK!
  • Enjoy San Francisco this season. San Francisco is a magical  and romantic city around Christmas time. (Visit to Union Square. Window-shopping at Crate and Barrel. Visits to the Palace Hotel and St. Francis Hotel. Stopping to admire Christmas trees on display at businesses.) CHECK!
  • Visit a gingerbread house with BFF Heather. (Went during lunch to the Palace Hotel and admired the giant ginger bread houses. The smell was so delicious!) CHECK!
  • Christmas drinks with my girls. (A super-fun night out at the Clock Bar at St. Francis Hotel!) CHECK!
  • Send a sweet note to my friends who I will not able to see this Christmas and schedule a lunch date with them after the New Year. CHECK!
  • Read a Christmas romance novel. (Embarrassed to admit it but have read quite a few already! CHECK!)
  • Visit the cats and dogs on display for adoption at the Macy’s window at Union Square. CHECK!
  • Visit the giant Christmas tree at Union Square. (Walked by it so Check?!)
  • Christmas-y date night with my guy.
  • Attend a couple of Christmas parties. (I have attended 3 so far.) CHECK!
  • Treat my teammates to a holiday lunch and give them little presents. (We had the most delicious lunch at Brenda’s French Soul Food in SF and I gave them each a mini-chocolate cake with xo liquor) Check!
  • Attend my nephews and niece’s Christmas show at church. CHECK!
  • Spend a day wrapping presents while listening to Christmas songs. (Minus the Christmas song but CHECK!)
  • Holiday Tea (This was not on my list but my bosses took me to an evening tea at Samovar with the most beautiful view of San Francisco at night. I am grateful.) CHECK!


  • Invite my mom and dad to stay over at my house and do Christmas-y things. CHECK! (Dec 14-17)
  • Decorate the tree with my mom. CHECK!
  • Hangout with my dad by the fireplace. CHECK!
  • Take my mom to a Christmas Tree lot with real pine trees. CHECK!. She loves the smell of pine! Her first Christmas tree lot visit.
  • Christmas Shopping with my mom. CHECK!

As my BFF Heather posted on her blog: “I think as I get older my Christmas wish gets shorter since the things I want cannot be bought.” 

So true! I do not want any material things this Christmas. Sure, I bought a random sweater here and there, candles and Christmas treats. Other than those little things, I do not need anything. The very things that I want are the things that I really hope in my heart I will get to enjoy for many, many years to come: my parents, more happy memories with my guy, family, friends, loved ones, good health, strong faith, sense of hope, simple joys, warm home, comfort and an abundant table laden with the most delicious food that we can also share with others. These are the only things that I want for this Christmas and always.

Hope that may you get your heart’s desire this holiday season and may also you delight in the simplest joys.

I am truly grateful that I might not have the luxuries in this world but I have everything that I could ever need. I could not ask for more.

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