I rang in the New Year with all the people that I love – my family.  We drove to Reno on New Year’s Eve and spent 3 days in Reno.

Staying at a hotel  was not as intimate as having  dinner together as a family. Few minutes to midnite, we all went outside of Silver Legacy for the countdown to 2015 and to look at the fireworks. The place was elbow-to-elbow packed with revelers.

My parents, siblings, sis/bro-in-laws and the kiddies could not stand the freezing weather. It was not snowing but there was snow on the ground. They went back inside the hotel while the BF and I got separated from them because we braved the cold and went into the streets to watch the fireworks display.

The fireworks were cool. I have always loved fireworks. The display was the longest one we have ever seen. When we went back into the hotel, I found my family and we kissed each other “Happy New Year.”

This NYE was harsh because of the crowd and the cold but it was also pretty cool and really fun. I have had some pretty crazy New Year Eve parties in my 20s. I am proud to say “been there, done that.” I now prefer for my New Year Eve’s to be more serene and quiet.  🙂

Again, another first – our first New Year together as a whole family in two decades. And once again, I am very thankful. I can only hope and pray that we will be together again next New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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