New Year’s Brunch 2015

New Year 2015 @ El Dorado Hotel

After staying up until 2 am on NYE watching the fireworks and popping a bottle of champagne, the BF and I slept in and met up with my mom and dad, siblings and rest of the family for brunch. First meal of 2015 was at El Dorado Buffet in Reno, Nevada with the whole family – all eleven of us.


This plate was my first meal of the year: Eggs benedict, bacon, scrambled eggs with gravy, french toast and sausage link. Of course, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I managed to eat one bacon, the french toast and eggs benedict. Yummy!


This was the BF’s plate: brisket, made-to-order omelette, eggs benedict and french toast. Of course, he ate everything on his plate!

El Dorado Buffet offers Mexican and  Asian dishes, traditional American brunch items, seafood,  New York steaks, fried chicken, carving station (brisket and sausages), made-to-order omelette station,  and a huge variety of salads, soups and desserts!

The place was also pretty and the service was very friendly and attentive.


I did not get to try any of the dishes below (aside from the Eggs Benedict). Not enough room in the tummy so I just took pictures.


  • Carving station: links and brisket


  • Eggs benedict


  • Salad bar


  • Fried chicken


  • New York steaks

If you read my previous posts on buffets, you will read that I do not really like buffets because I easily get overwhelmed when looking at  a huge variety of food. However, I really enjoyed our brunch at El Dorado. I also had a small plate of rice and pork posole which was surprisingly tasty. I am not sure if my good appetite that morning was due to having nothing but few glasses of champagne, brie and crackers on New Year’s Eve but I really enjoyed this buffet experience.

It seemed like it was me and my brother-in-law who enjoyed the buffet the most but that guy can eat a whole truck. A fun first meal of the year with the whole family.

Sadly, no room for desserts but I will do a separate post.

It was food coma that right after brunch at 3 pm, the BF and I went back to sleep until 8 pm, got up to eat dinner at Circus Circus then went back to sleep again. Definitely how I wanted to spend my New Year!

$16.95 per person for All You Can Drink Champagne Brunch but I skipped the champagne since I already had quite a bit the night before.


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