Circus Circus, Reno, Nevada

Our dinner on New Year’s Day was like me and the BF: Asian and Latino. LOL! We had a his-and-hers dinner at Kokopelli’s Sushi inside Dos Geckos Cantina at Circus Circus Hotel. The BF had a chimichanga while I had the Forty-Niners sushi roll.

Common foodie wisdom dictates,  “Do not order sushi at a place that also serves Mexican food!"  Ha!Ha! I pushed my luck since I wanted to eat something light after the huge brunch buffet I had that morning with the whole family.


  • The BF’s chimichanga was non-traditional (rice, guacamole and meat inside the deep-fried tortilla) but yummy. He ate a quarter because he was not feeling well.
  • My sushi roll (salmon, tuna, guacamole) tasted previously frozen but no complaints since first it was guilt-free and second, I did not get sick. That was all the matters to me.

Bottomline was it was an okay dinner.  Prices were also very reasonable.

Then we went back to our room to sleep again. Our New Year went like this: eat, sleep, eat and sleep again ( with a little bit of family time during brunch). A perfect New Year according to my book!

$46.79 with tip and  a glass of Cabernet, iced tea and tortilla chip

I guess this counts as the first date night of 2015!


It was okay. ♡ 

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