01.02.2015 (Day 2/365)

South Lake Tahoe, CA

The family crossed the stateline from Reno, Nevada  to South Lake Tahoe, California before noon to play in the snow. This was the part of the trip that I have been eagerly anticipating aside from spending time with my family on New Year.

Traffic was really bad that we just chose a spot where people were already parked to play. The whole family had fun. Even my dad  got out of the car for a little bit to hang out in the snow while my mom collected pine cones.

My siblings and I along  with my brother/sister-in-law took tons of silly pictures. The niece made a snow angel while the boys built a snow man. The cousins had fun sledding down the hill.  Lucky for my nephews and niece that I forgot to bring a pair of gloves. My hands were frozen within minutes. I guess I snowball fights would have to wait until our next trip.

The adults went back to our cars since we were literally freezing However,   we waited until the kids got tired of playing (which did not happen since we had to make them call it a day despite their protests).

It was at this point that the BF and I said bye to the rest of the family. They drove back to spend another day in Reno while the BF and I headed back to the Bay Area. Smart move. While the BF and I got home on Friday evening, my family did not come home until 3 am on Sunday morning! And they were exhausted!

Another memorable day with my family. I am truly grateful for this beautiful day of togetherness.

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