Week in Pictures

    Week 2 of 2015: January 5-11

Monday – Friday:  Work week was super-busy! It felt like the holiday season waited for this week to have its revenge on me! But I survived!

Saturday Morning: It also felt like this has been the first time in many Saturdays that the BF and I had our brunch at home since the holiday season. It has been our Saturday tradition for years to stay home and have brunch in our pj’s every Saturday. I drink my coffee (and blog in between) while making him pancakes, eggs and sausages, while he watches TV.  (Mine’s just eggs, toasts and coffee.) Then we eat brunch in front of TV until it is time to get out of the house for date night.

Saturday Evening: was date night at Troy, a Greek restaurant in Berkeley. It was  a cozy, little restaurant and the food was good.

Sunday: After church on Sunday, my parents took me and my brother and sister-in-law to Costco and told us to pretty much fill our carts with food. It was their present for us since they are leaving soon. I felt like a kid again who was being given a permission by my parents to buy junk food!  I filled my cart mostly with  food  that I would have second-thoughts before buying if paying for them on my own. Here was my food haul:

-Alaskan crab legs, Chicken and Biscuit with Gravy, carnitas, smoked salmon, barbecue brisket, ribs, chicken breasts, ribeye steak. majorca cake, chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies, a big wedge of blue cheese, crusty bread, salads, snack kits and Hawaiian chicken,

My brother and sister-in-law filled their cart with pretty much with nothing but steaks. My sister was not with us and I am sure will collect hers soon.  :)Thanks, mommy and daddy. 🙂 The BF and I will be happily well-fed for probably a month!

A total whirlwind of a week. And another one that is filled with delicious blessings! I thank the Lord for my generous parents who continue to try to feed us even though we are able and old enough to feed ourselves. 🙂

PHOTOS: Pancakes, sausage and veggie omelette, freshly-baked crescent rolls, honey and coffee for brunch | Mayorca cake that I bought during the Costco haul courtesy of my parents.

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