100 Simple Joys

     32. Oh, the delicious feeling of one free extra day to do as I wish!

This delicious breakfast was my reward for doing my chores in the morning. I cleaned the house thoroughly for 2.5 hours including washing and changing the bedsheets.

Spending my Sundays with my family does not leave me much time for myself, including house chores. And believe it or not, I enjoy doing and completing chores. I just love the delicious feeling of a clean house.

I had the holiday off on Martin Luther King’s Day, my rewards at 11:30 am were two hot cups of coffee, toasted cheddar-jalapeno bagel and cranberry-walnut chicken salad spread, followed by blogging and many hours of reading on my couch while cuddling with my cat. Finished a cozy mystery, cooked dinner and waited until the BF came home.

Simple pleasures!

“Me Time” on MLK Day 2015,  01.19.15

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