Seattle | gum wall

I have read about this urban art in one of Seattle’s travel guides.  Honestly, I was going to skip it because I was kind of grossed out with the idea of chewed gum and spit surrounding me. Since I spent 3 of my 4 days at the Pike Place Market where the Gum Wall was located, I decided to look for it on my 3rd day.  Then I could not find it until I found it by accident. 

Just do not touch anything. The Gum Wall in Seattle is an experience in grossness. It is what as you imagine it to be — a wall full of chewed gum (and a lone red shoe and is.that.a.condom?!! Que horror! Maybe it was just gum.) 

Gum Wall is located in an alley by the Market Theater (look for this landmark).  The entrance to the alley was gritty and it looked blocked off. In fact, there was a sign that says “no entry”.  I almost turned the other way but I saw lots of people with cameras milling around.  Following the crowd paid off because  — voila! 

What I found was a narrow dark alley whose red brick walls on both sides were covered with colorful both hardened (and freshly chewed) gums. Sometimes the gums were formed into a word or shape. Tourists were taking hundreds of selfies while some were seriously chewing a wad of gum to leave on the wall along with their DNA. And some really found a spot and stuck their contribution.

Some of my friends who had been got gum stuck on their shoes. Luckily for me, I did not have that experience. It is worth a visit if you are already at the Pike Place Market which you really should not miss when visiting Seattle.  Gum Wall is free and it was kinda cool actually.  The tradition started circa 1990’s but the walls were scrubbed around a couple of times to avoid corrosion.  Instead of a stinky alley, at least this alley smelled minty fresh and fruity. Just make sure that you do not touch anything because …. GERMS and grossness!

Located at 1428 Post Alley Seattle, Washington

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