Oakland |beer and dessert at bierhaus

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After our super- cool taco date night at a shipping container, the evening continues on. As we were walking back home, we passed by Bierhaus and Mr Sweetie asked me if I wanted to go in for a drink.  Of course! I was just telling him about how much I like Bierhaus and that we should support eateries in our hood.
Mr Sweetie and I chose to sit outdoors as it was a lovely spring evening. We finally got a little break from the rain this weekend and everyone was just out and about to enjoy springtime.
Since we just had dinner, we decided to order a pint of beer each. We also got a pretzel with mustard and fried bread to share. Since we have already been to Bierhaus twice, I already knew to get Doppelbock which is a dark beer that tastes like coffee and chocolate. Dessert in a beer mug! This is my go-to since I am not really a beer gal. I do not really have any beer smarts. I would never get tired of Doppelbock. Mr Sweetie ordered something of a blonde IPA.
It was a fun and delish part two of our date night. The fried bread was  like a flat beignet (or donut) and was oh so hot and yummy! I am craving it right now as I am writing this.  The pretzel with mustard was a nice appetizer that went well with the beer.
We will definitely be back again and again to Bierhaus. I will write another review of our meal then.  In the meantime, here was a delicious photo from one of our date nights here last December.
Final Tab:  $35

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