Gratitude post | march 2019


March was a fun month. First and foremost, my family gave me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY! I also eagerly await for March to come to celebrate St Patrick’s Day which to me really just means that I could indulge in loaves after loaves of Irish Soda Bread. March also means spring is here! Cherry blossoms started lining up the sidewalks in my neighborhood and lovely colorful flowers are starting to pop their heads up from sleeping in during winter. Here’s more about lovely March….

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March Weather

Actually, March was not that lovely weather-wise. It rained most of  the month, from showers to heavy rains. I never knew that I would say this but as much as I love rainy mood weather, I was ready for some sun! Spring arrived on March 20 bringing in lots of showers.



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HABIT BURGER | March 2nd — If not for Habit Burger, I can proudly say that my lips never touch fastfood. Nothing against people who eat fastfood. In fact, Mr Sweetie is one of their regulars. I just made this health commitment with myself to eat clean and fresh as part of my adulting. That commitment turned into a lifestyle since becoming a real adult. I do not think of McDonald’s, Burger King, etc when I need to eat fast. Luckily for us in the San Francisco Bay Area, healthy choices are endless. However, I make an exception when it comes to Habit Burger. Why? Because I have “healthier” choices here like Ahi Tuna sandwich and green beans tempura. Whether I am really just fooling myself, I enjoy my meals every time we go which is also one of my intentions this year — “Enjoy every bite of your food and be grateful for every meal.”


Judoku Sushi | 5295 College Ave Oakland, CA 94618

JUDOKU SUSHI ROCKRIDGE | March 16 – Speaking of eating healthy, our date nights have really changed over the years. In the last 2 years, I decided that we really need to be mindful of our diet. Of course, if it is up to Mr Sweetie he will continue to dine as we had in our years of date nights — steaks, fried chicken, anything that Bay Area foodies told us to eat because “we must.” Those days are over. We still treat ourselves here and there but sushi joints are now our date night destinations because well — fish, fresh, raw = healthy. We were thrilled to find a second venue for Judoku. We have been to their original location a dozen times. Mr Sweetie likes it but honestly, I was not a fan because of the dark venue. Joduku’s second location in Rockridge is very cool, though, and more intimate. Just check out their website. I know that we will be back again. I will write a full review then.

What is so cool about this evening, too, was we did a movie marathon. All day we just watched movies. We started with the 1932 Mummy, then watched Breaking In (2018) then watched 1922 Nosferatu (a vampire movie) after dinner. The weather was cozy and perfect for  watching “scary” movies. Mr Sweetie lucked out, found these movies and pre-recorded them.

MARCH FUN MOVIES AT HOME:  Mummy, Dracula and Breaking In


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UNCLE YU’S AT THE VINEYARD | March 23 — We celebrated Mr Sweetie’s nephew’s birthday here where we got to spend time with his family and friends, and got to eat good Chinese food. We just realized that we never get to eat Chinese food dining out. It is always Chinese delivery for us which is never the same no matter how good the food is. This dinner was a treat for us. Here is my restaurant review of  Uncle Yu’s At The Vineyard.


Tacos Oscar | Oakland, CA

TACOS OSCAR | March 30 — I posted a full post here with beautiful photos of Instagrammable tacos and colorful shipping container venue of our very enjoyable date night at Tacos Oscar.

Bierhaus | Oakland, CA

BIERHAUS | March 30 – After our cool dinner at Tacos Oscar, we walked to Bierhaus and enjoyed a pint of beer each. I wrote about it here. (Those fried breads, though!)



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Whole Foods | San Francisco

WHOLE FOODS | March 15 — A delicious Friday meet up with BFF. BFF introduced me to this awesome Happy Hour at Whole Foods. It was a lovely afternoon of friendship where we had bubblies, a cheese plate and tacos. It was fun catching up and exchanging St Patrick treats. We love celebrating the seasons together. As always she spoils me with yummy and cute stuff!


My St Patrick’s treats from BFF! I was eating delicious snacks for at least a couple of weeks!
I am not ashamed to say that I stuffed myself with Irish Soda Bread that our neighborhood bakeshop only sells in March.

More Irish Soda Bread and  my little nook with St Patrick’s decor


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