Berkeley | pie and comfort food at fat apple’s

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Mr Sweetie was having a bad case of pie cravings. He was talking about pies for days. So for date night I took pity on the man and look for a restaurant that serves pie. I found Fat Apple’s in Berkeley, and I also remember my co-worker who lives in Berkeley mention this place to me.

We got to Fat Apple’s at around 6:00 pm but since it is springtime, it was still beautiful and bright out. Fat Apple is located in a quaint neighborhood in North Berkeley. It looked like a nondescript diner with the customers mostly senior citizens in their twilight years. I got a little nervous. Somehow I subconsciously associated the taste of the food with the age of the customers. I was expecting the food to be flavorless and bland. (I am so sorry!) Well, the joke’s on me! Our dishes were very tasty, good and full of flavors!

I ordered a pork chop since I cannot remember the last time I have had a pork chop. It came with a side of mashed potato. Without really expecting much, I took a bite and wow! The pork chop was juicy, tender and was delicious! It also came with a side of veggies and chunky apple sauce.

Mr Sweetie was also impressed with his fried chicken sandwich which came with a small side of onion rings.

And finally, the real reason why we came to Fat Apple’s — the pie! Mr Sweetie indulged in apple pie a la mode ( a freshly baked hot apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream). I usually do not order dessert whenever we dine out but I allowed myself an olalieberry pie this time which was very nice.

Fat Apple’s is an institution in Berkeley. It has been serving comfort food and pies since 1969. I think dinner time brings the regulars who are the older folks. I read somewhere that in the daytime, students and families also frequent this place. Our server was on first name basis with the customers and knew their orders. It is a treat to witness this in the very fast-paced life that is the Bay Area.

Next time we crave comfort food and pies, we will return to Fat Apple’s. By the way, if you do not see pies on the counters, do not get discouraged! They have them in the kitchen. They have a pretty big selection of freshly baked pies.

2019 | April

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