Perfect “me time” birthday in san francisco

I strive for perfect moments, not perfect days or even a perfect life. There is no such thing as a life of perfection. On my birthday, though, I received a gift that I never expected — a perfect day.

I wished for a day of solitude and contemplation. I never thought that I would get it. Part of being in a relationship is making plans not just for yourself. Mr Sweetie wanted to spend the entire day of my birthday with me which I was happy to do. I thought, either way, I am fine. I will spend my special day with my life’s partner, or I can also entirely be by myself.

On the day of my birthday, Mr Sweetie unexpectedly had to fly to LA for business and had to stay there overnight. I could not believe that I would really get to spend my birthday as I wish. What was the chance of that? This day has truly been a gift from the Lord.

I really did not plan my day. The only plan I had was to drive to San Francisco to have a solo brunch and drink a Birthday Latte at a cafe that has been on my foodie list. This was my birthday goal for this year.

I woke up at dawn and was on a contemplative mood. I was thinking about my life and how blessed I have been. I could not help think about how much I have accomplished as well through hard work and the Lord’s blessings. I fell asleep again. Mr Sweetie kissed me goodbye. As soon as I woke up, I saw a note in the living room. It was a printout of a Napa Valley Wine Train — his present for me! I was happy and it set the mood for the day.

Little did I know that my day was going to be so full. My morning started out with family greeting me all morning on the phone or on Facebook. I really do not even go on Facebook but on this day, I enjoyed communicating with my friends and family here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Philippines, Japan and Italy.

A new co-worker gave me ginormous sponge cakes the day before. She did not know that it was my birthday. It was so perfect for my solo birthday cake. I like blowing candles on my birthday and making a wish. I stuck a candle on one of the sponge cakes and made my wish then I enjoyed it with coffee.

As I was getting ready to leave for San Francisco at around 1:00 pm, my doorbell rang, it was a flower delivery from BFF. It truly made my day and made me feel so special! The flowers were beautiful!

I managed to make it to Home Cafe in San Francisco where my birthday wish was fulfilled. I enjoyed the delicious Birthday Latte and the avocado kimchi toast. The cafe itself was cute and truly a neighborhood gem.

I really did not plan anything else as I wanted my day to be relaxed. After I had my latte, I decided to drive to Ocean Beach. It was such a windy and cold day. On a whim, I decided to hike down to Sutro Baths which is a historic ruin and San Francisco landmark. I was so happy that I got to do it! It has been on my San Francisco Mason Jar List forever. And I was proud to say that I went hiking on my birthday!

Before leaving, I decided to browse at the Lands End gift shop. This national park shop is truly a treasure (just like Lands End, a national park is a national treasure. No pun intended here.) I really enjoyed the quiet shop. Instead of buying something for myself, I ended up buying a book for my 2 year old baby nephew and butterfly kites for my teenage nephews and niece.

Next was a foodie adventure without intending to. I drove to San Francisco’s Clement Street which is nicknamed SF’s second Chinatown. Clement does not have the history and romance of the SF’s real Chinatown (which is the oldest Chinatown in the US) but I love its neighborhood appeal. I have always loved walking up and down Clement and I cannot believe that I have not been in at least a couple of years! I discovered new eats such as Harvest Wheat Field Bakery. (It is no surprise that I could not resist buying a bunch of pastries! I really had to restraint myself because I was also planning to load up on dim sum.)

I also found a very cute children’s boutique called Tantrum but it has lots of cute stuff for big girls as well like me and BFF. A trip to Clement is not complete without going to Kamei Housewares and Restaurant Supplies which is a wholesale restaurant supply store. I just want to buy all the teapots, Japanese bowls, pretty plates, etc. I ended up buying a couple of soup spoons for my jook. My last trip was to my favorite hole in a wall dim sum place, Good Luck Dim Sum, and piled myself with so much dim sum that the lady was tried to tell me that I already had too much. Ha! Ha! Everything just costs me a little over $10 for all those dumplings.

As I was going home my GBF Russell and his partner called me to wish me Happy Birthday. We were reminiscing how long we have been friends (almost 20 years!). Yeah, we pretty much “grew up together” and will grow old together as well, hopefully not anytime soon.

My evening concluded with another call from Mr Sweetie from LA. I took a nice shower, parked myself in my living room and got my other wish — Netflix chickflick. I watched something totally unmemorable but entertaining none the less (Christian Mingle 2014). And this was while devouring the dim sum that I bought earlier from Clement in my pj’s in our cozy living room with lit candles.

I did not want my day to end but I had to finally go to sleep. I was nicely tired but happy. I could not stop thinking how this has been one of my most perfect days of my life. So simple but so full of love.

One of my biggest birthday presents each year is hearing the voice of my mom and dad wishing me Happy Birthday. Every single year, they never fail to call me on the actual birthday in the Philippines which is the day before. My mom even sang to me on the phone and she never sings! My dad always has the funny “Happy Birthday from your mommy and daddy.” My sister got my baby nephew to sing to me as well. It is such a blessing to have my parents in their old age. This is the only present that I wish for year after year.

Now, I cannot get tired of scrolling on my phone to look at the photos of this day. This day goes down as one of my most favorite birthdays and day ever.

By the way, my birthday does not end here. I am serious when I said that I will celebrate my birthday year-round. I mean, why pack it all in in one day when you can celebrate the entire year?! I am posting this over a month later and the celebrations continue on. Stay tuned!

Since my birthday in February, the celebrations continue on. Mr Sweetie took me a steak and lobster dinner at McCormick’s in San Jose, CA. In March, my family gave me a lavish surprised birthday party with friends and family. My friend Amiga took me to a birthday lunch and gave me pretty presents as well.

I am so loved and so blessed. My heart is so full of gratitude for God’s blessings of life, good health, lots of love from friends and family, Mr Sweetie, abundance of delicious food, happiness. My life is a simple life but one that is so full of His blessings. My entire life, since I have been born, He has been faithful to me and my love ones in his loving kindness.

A Recap Of My “Me Time” Birthday

  • Woke up to a gift of Napa Valley Wine Train from Mr Sweetie
  • Greetings from mom and dad, family, friends from the US, Philippines, Italy and Japan
  • A sponge cake with a candle on top
  • A surprise flower delivery from BFF!
  • A birthday latte and avocado kimchi toast from Home Cafe in San Francisco
  • Birthday hike at Sutro Baths
  • Browsing at Lands End gift shop
  • Foodie stroll on San Francisco’s Clement Street (6th Avenue and up)
  • Window shopped and boutique browsing. Discovered Tantrum. Such a cute store and will return.
  • Discovering a new bakery on Clement, Harvest Wheat Field and did a pastry haul
  • Piled up on dim sum
  • Good night birthday call from Mr Sweetie
  • Watched a Netflix movie, Christian Mingle while dining on dim sum.
  • A perfect day — exactly the way how I wanted to spend my birthday this year!
A perfect message on this special day

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