San Francisco | girls eats & drinks at tropisueno

It is very rare that my girls and I get together outside our annual holiday dinner and wine tasting trip to Napa Valley. Scheduling around our busy lives is such a challenge despite the fact that we all work in San Francisco. As always we celebrated our friendship over yummy drinks and Mexican food. Tropisueno in downtown San Francisco is becoming a favorite. The mood is lively while the handcrafted cocktails are consistently delicious and strong. The Mexican dishes are traditional but creative and still very tasty.

As always we ordered a lot of dishes to share that I cannot remember all of them. We had empanadas, flautas, a taco plate, platanos and shrimp ceviche. The chips and salsa are free. It was food coma!

We had two rounds of delicious drinks. I enjoyed a champagne with brandy, and a smoky cocktail with tequila called “Pina”.

It was a beautiful chilly spring evening. As BFF texted afterwards, it was lovely to witness how our friendship has grown over the years. I cannot believe that we have been friends for 16 years! We have celebrated and comforted each other through many events in our lives — breakups and new relationships, pregnancies, first and second babies, illnesses and losses, and many birthdays.

I am so blessed to have these strong, independent and fun women who are sisters for life. Cheers to more girls’ dinner and happy hour. J’s baby shower next!

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