Party decor | the cutest baby baptism party

I deeply admire artistic people. I think I have some artistic tendencies but I get easily overwhelmed by influx of ideas, chaos, and I can be lazy. So that’s the beginning and end of my life as an aspiring artist. Whenever I go to parties that are so thoughtfully and beautifully decorated, I am in complete awe. Bow down to the host because I could only imagine how much time, efforts and money went into creating that lovely venue. Just hosting a family dinner for 4 people where I cook a main dish and maybe 2-3 sides, serve a store-bought dessert and plop a vase of flower on the table as my only tablescape, I am already exhausted! I cannot imagine putting together an entire party for so many people!

Mr Sweetie and I attended his nephew’s baby’s baptism. It was at 10:00 am on a Saturday morning (which is the crack of dawn for us late weekend risers! Ha! Ha!) After the beautiful baptism service at the church, we drove to a country club where the reception was hosted. As soon as we walked in, it was “ooh,” “aah”” and “wow!” The hall was beautifully transformed into a lovely space. The decor was cute yet classy, and totally Pinterestable. The party decorators (mom, god mom and god mom’s daughter) admit that they stalk Pinterest for ideas.

There was a mimosa bar that was well-stocked with champagne bottles, a big bowl of mixed fresh berries and three kinds of fruit juices — orange, guava and berry. And a non-alcoholic lemonade in a jar.

Taqueros were hired to cater the party. The tacos were delicious and we ate until we burst. It was the perfect food on such a beautiful spring day by the pool. (Nobody went swimming.)

The cake was so delicious as well as the homemade arroz con leche (rice pudding with milk). The kids went crazy over the cake balls.

It was a lovely party with lovely friends and family. The baby is super-cute and sweet. Everyone felt honored with the delicious food and drink. The gals who planned and decorated the party did a great job with their artistic skills and attention to details. In the end we were given a succulent to take home as a party favor. I really loved this as plants are something that can be nurtured that will remind guests of that beautiful afternoon of celebrating a sweet little boy.

Blessings to the baby, his brother and his mom and dad!

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