Super -easy rotisserie chicken miso ramen

It is already the middle of May and it is still raining again in the Bay Area! We also had some gorgeous spring days but the storms are back! Well, we will see how hard it will rain this weekend but it is already wet and gloomy out there. I thought that this will be a good time to post a recipe and photos of the ramen that I made during my day off on April 30th. I spent my day off playing in my kitchen baking and cooking. Earlier that day, I went to Cost Plus World Market and randomly found ingredients for ramen without looking for them.

I love any type of noodle soup whether it be ramen, pho, mami (Filipino noodle soup), wonton noodle soup, anything noodles! Noodle soups, including ramen, are the ultimate comfort food in a bowl. I also see them as high blood pressure in a bowl as well. The sodium content in a bowl of ramen is in the thousands of mg. I cringed just looking at the sodium content of an instant ramen. I know there will that much in a bowl of ramen at a restaurant. There are many places in San Francisco and Bay area that serve legitimately well-executed ramen soups with chefs trained in Japan. Those ramen are really good — too good! Sadly, I can only eat them just once in a great while as hypertension runs in my family. I am good and healthy, though, but it is best to practice caution by choosing to eat less salt, less sugar, less meat, less carbs.

Moderation is the key, I believe. Because of this, I have been making my favorite food at home myself where I can control what and how much goes into my food. I have been craving ramen and also had leftover chicken. This was how I got the idea to make chicken ramen soup.

As I have mentioned earlier I found noodles and miso at Cost Plus World Market. The sodium content of Miso and Easy Broth is 620 mg for one tablespoon. The instruction says add it to water. At this point, I realized that I can control how much miso I put in. So for a medium pot of water, I added 2 TBSP of miso. The flavors of my ramen soup came from the chicken and vegetables. The type of noodles that I had was something that you put directly to the soup.

My ramen turned out to be delicious just like how I like it! Next time I will add more toppings and ingredients such as corn and shitake mushrooms. Below is the recipe. Enjoy!

Cut up rotisserie chickenIn a pot of water (or broth), add in ginger, garlic, sliced green onions and the vegetables and cook until tender.
Noodles (ramen, soba, etc) Cook noodles according to package direction.
Soft-boiled eggs Stir in the Miso & Easy or miso paste.
Sliced carrots, mushrooms, celery Add a splash of sesame oil.
A sliver of ginger, 2 smashed garlic, sliced green onions Divide noodles into bowl. Add the vegetables, rotisserie chicken, chopped green onions, and soft-boiled egg.

4 cups water & 2 tbsp. Miso & Easy
Ladle broth on to the noodles and ingredients in the bowl. Garnish with green onions.
Sesame oil to taste

Suggested toppings: nori, fried garlic

More possible additions: blanched fresh spinach or frozen spinach, corn, bamboo shoots, tofu, snow peas, barbeque cha-siu pork, Chinese sausage, enoki or shiitake mushrooms, sliced Japanese fish cakes, dumplings

*Butter – mix in and melt the butter. The butter offers a rich flavor to the soup.

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