Postcards | among the daisies

Postcards | among the daisies

I have a secret wish — to do a photo shoot somewhere beautiful where I am wearing a pretty dress just like the lifestyle bloggers that I admire. Even though I know that I can bribe Mr Sweetie with a steak dinner to act as my photographer, practicalities in life prevent me from devoting time to this fantasy.

An opportunity arose while we where waiting for a table at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. We crossed the street to the beach and I found this lovely spot with daisies growing all over. And what a nice treat as well to find a pile of daisies on the ground. (No, I did not uproot the flowers. They were already there when we got there!)

With my Oops A Daisy Kate Spade purse to perfectly match the scene (a lovely present from my sister), this was the serendipitious moment for my fantasy of a photo shoot to happen. I seized the moment and posed away in front of the camera!

Mr Sweetie did a good job as a photographer. I did not even know that he took these many pictures of me. I really like these photos!

It was a fun few minutes of indulging the girl in me. Looking at these photos there were few lessons that I learned: 1) Seize the moment when they arise. 2) Celebrate your inner model. 3) Wear pretty dresses. 4) Wear more colors to match the springtime.

And leaving you with the photos of me among the daisies.

OOTD | Kate Spade purse, Jessica Simpson pants, Bebe top, Nautica espadrilles

2 responses to “Postcards | among the daisies”

  1. What a beautiful little spot to take photos, and a beautiful little corner of the world. I hope that you do this again! There’s so many amazing places to showcase photos of!


    • Hi, Thank you for the sweet and encouraging note! I hope to find pretty little corners again soon and take more photos. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wishing you all the best!


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