What we ate on memorial day 2019

What we ate on memorial day 2019

Hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Ours was actually very nice. Saturday was spent on a road trip to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero where we had an enjoyable dose of sun, fried seafood, sangria and a breathtaking drive along the picturesque Highway 1. (And two hours of sitting in traffic but it was so worth it!) Sunday was at church and very brief family time as I had to get my hair done. Today, Memorial Day holiday, was quiet and relaxing as I wished for it to be. Mr Sweetie and I stayed home where we rested, napped, watched Barbershop and mindless TV, and ate well.

This Memorial Day brings back memories of not just the actual day in 2018 but the days and weeks following this holiday last year. The day after Memorial Day last year, Mr Sweetie had to go to the hospital. It was a long journey of healing and recovery. I could not help but feel very blessed having him with me and our loved ones today restored to his health and spirits.

That hospitalization changed many things including our diet. Last year I cooked pork ribs for Memorial Day. Today I cooked sliders and corn. We had apple pie for dessert that we picked up from Arcangeli Grocery in Pescadero on Saturday. Yes, the sliders are healthier choice compared to what I used to cook before for Mr Sweetie. I have always been a healthy eater while he is a big carnivore but he is learning. Now there are more veggies on the menu with occasional treats like today while also mindfully practicing portion control.

It has been a great weekend although too short as always. I am grateful for the gift of life, rest and freedom.

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