San francisco | snapshots from the presidio

Except for driving through the Presidio, I have not really explored this National Park in San Francisco. I will admit, I am scared to get lost here. Not a problem anymore with the wonderful invention of GPS. (A wonderful thing really for someone like me who has no sense of direction!)

Work has chosen the Presidio as the setting for our retreat. It was a day to remember as my job has generously treated us to this beautiful venue with deliciously catered breakfast and lunch.

We had hearty egg quiche, thick French toasts, cheese and fruit plate, bacon and sausages for breakfast. Coffee, of course! For lunch we had wraps and sandwiches of all kinds including a freshly house cooked potato chips and bowls of salad. For snacks, we had freshly baked chocolate cookies and brownies decorated with edible flowers! We were so well-fed all day, and were given plenty of breaks to enjoy our meals while enjoying the majestic beauty in front of us including the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco National Cemetery and the Presidio Chapel. The day was cold and cozy in June which was typical San Francisco weather. The eerie weather that envelops the Presidio Chapel on top of the hill not far from the cemetery painted a beautiful yet mysterious and haunted picture of gothic San Francisco.

On my way home, I decided to drive around the Presidio and arrived at the The Main Post. According to the Presidio website, “The Main Post is where the Presidio began, and it’s where you will want to start your park adventure.  Even in the Army days this was the “heart of the Presidio,” and today it is the center of the visitor experience. Here you will find cultural attractions and events, restaurants and cafes, art installations by Andy Goldsworthy, archaeology sites, Inn at the Presidio, and a green outdoor gathering space for picnics, festivals, and informal play. Begin your day at the Presidio Officers’ Club​ to learn about the Presidio’s remarkable history and to get oriented to everything you can explore in the park.”

Not far from the Main Post is the Presidio Visitor Center which is the “front door” to the park experience. It offers friendly staff and volunteers, engaging exhibits, maps, videos, and all the information to plan an amazing day at this National Park. ​The Presidio Visitor Center is located in the ​heart of the park on the Main Post, next door to the Presidio Transit Center.

These picturesque places in San Francisco are like heaven on earth. There is so much to see and explore at the Presidio. Once again, it is so near yet so far. Working full-time in San Francisco, I forget how close I am to all these world-class beauties around me. These Top Attractions at the Presidio are added to my Note To Self List that keep on getting longer. Someday I will take a day off and explore the Presidio.

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