Gratitude post | june 2019

It is unbelievable how we are already in August and more than halfway through 2019! June was such a great month of travels , celebrations and delicious eats that I cannot allow myself to not write about it. Let me start with the highlights:

The flower that I grew from seed.


♥ One Year Anniversary of Good Health … We started out June celebrating Mr Sweetie’s first year of restored health. Exactly a year ago on June 1, 2018, he was in the hospital. I gave him a party at our house attended by friends and family to celebrate his renewed health and life. I practiced my party hostess skills and came up with red checkered BBQ theme and catered Hawaiian BBQ for food. Desserts were from Trader Joe’s. He really enjoyed the party and spending the day with our friends and family.

♥ Travel To Washington DC … I was in Washington DC for a week for work (June 19-26). It was very stressful as I had to do three presentations and had many meetings to attend. I had a wonderful time exploring DC on foot despite the busyness. I really enjoyed my solo trip. I can hardly wait to write about my travel and post the photos one of these days.

♥ A Beautiful Afternoon At San Francisco’s Presidio….I wrote about a beautiful day spent at this National Park in San Francisco. It was a work retreat and just to think that I begged off to not attend because I was so busy preparing for my trip to DC. I am glad that I went. It was a day of solitude getting to know my co-workers. It was intimate as it was team-building for managers and there were just about 10 of us. We were fed well with nutritious and delicious meals, the venue was spectacular including a view of Golden Gate Bridge and the weather was typical San Francisco — cozy and cold. Read about that day and see the lovely pictures on this post.

♥ Bronchitis…. Bleh! I was feeling so bad that I made myself go to the doctor’s. I found out that I had bronchitis. Boo! I had to take off for a couple of days but now have fully recovered.


♥ Latin American Date Night at Papaito Rotisserie… More delicious pictures on this post.

♥ Montreal Food Date Night at Augie’s Montreal Deli…. Deliciously salty. I wrote about it here.


♥ Ethiopian Lunch with SS Ladies at Folklores Coffee Traders (San Francisco)… Met up with three friends who are passionate about social justice. I admire these strong, retired beautiful women who spend their time volunteering in between traveling and having fun. They are much older than I am but they serve as an inspiration to me. We had Ethiopian food. I chose the Fitfit for the first time. It was okay — a little dry because I asked to not have the cheese but the texture and flavors were interesting.


♥ Lunch with my family after church. My sister-in-law cooked pansit (noodles) and rice cakes. Then they loaded me with fresh vegetables from my brother’s garden! I was so well-fed then sent me off with veggies and food that were lunch for days!


*Karma Repair aka self-care. We reap what we sow. Taking care of our bodies translate to better health, peace and joy. I had a few moments of self-care this month such as:

♥ Quick Japantown Visit… I attended a full-day training not far from the San Francisco Japantown. I spent my lunch walking to J-Town and grabbed a bento lunch as well as mochi. I just love Japantown and will never get tired of coming here for culture and food. (June 3)

♥ Chinatown Food Trip…. After coming from the doctor’s office and finding out that I had bronchitis, I went to Oakland Chinatown and loaded up on dim sum which are my comfort food. I also took that day off from work. Here is my post on my Mini Chinatown Food Trip. (June 7)

♥ Me Time Saturday…. Mr Sweetie had to work on that day and I made myself a rice porridge using the dumplings that I got from Chinatown. I spent the day staying home in my pj’s reading, blogging and relaxing. Oh, bliss! (June 8)

♥ Me Time Sunday…. I drove Mr Sweetie to the San Francisco International Airport for his two-week work trip to North Carolina. I did not get to go to church that Sunday. I spent the day packing for my own trip to Washington DC and made these protein pancakes. (I hardly ever eat pancakes! It was such a treat.)

♥ More Me Time Moments… With Mr Sweetie being away for 2 weeks in North Carolina and me being away for a week at the same time in Washington DC, even though I missed him, I also got to enjoy few nights of just reading and eating the food that I wanted. I needed these solo moments for myself as the everyday demands of life and work can get really taxing.


So, this was June 2019. I will remember this month as the month where I was very exhausted and really stressed out because of the demands of work including work travel. I was also sick not just with bronchitis but feeling really run down (which turns out to be a bad case of heartburn!) Despite the stress, I really enjoyed and cherish my trip to DC where I got to explore on my own, see work friends and give great presentations.

There are so many things that I am grateful for for this month. I am thankful for Mr Sweetie’s good health and life, and a good job that I am passionate about where it brings me to new places and enables me to meet new people. I am grateful for the blessings of my family and friends, and the abundant feasts that we share. I am very thankful for quiet moments where I got to repair and rejuvenate my body and my soul. This month as well I got to enjoy shopping and planning with my girlfriends, BFF and A, our friend’s baby shower but that will be for July!

Thank you, June, for bringing in the summer season. Welcome, July!

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