Bay area | crab lunch at the dead fish

A surprise birthday lunch for Mr Sweetie’s dad brought us to The Dead Fish. The Dead Fish is a restaurant specializing in seafood with a breathtaking view of the Carquinez Bridge. The restaurant is located in the city of Crockett which is halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, CA — an hour each way.

We pulled off the surprise party by telling Mr Sweetie’s dad that Mr Sweetie and I are taking him to lunch for his birthday. As he walked into the restaurant with Mr Sweetie’s mom, the entire family was at the table. He did not expect the rest of his children to be there.

The Dead Fish was the perfect venue on a lovely summer Saturday morning for brunch/lunch. Each person ordered their own dish but Mr Sweetie and I shared the Lotsa Crab 3+lbs ($69.99). We ordered a side of mashed potatoes $9.99. (I messed up on that one although the mashed potato was good! We should have gotten the garlic pasta instead!) He also ordered a large platter of calamari $19.99 which was more than enough for the entire party. Delicious freshly made sourdough bread with butter was generously provided.

Rest of calamari after it went around the table

While waiting for family members to arrive Mr Sweetie and I waited at the bar. The restaurant was whimsical with vintage toy cars hanging from the ceiling

He got me a Bloody Mary and enjoyed the view of Carquinez Bridge. This bridge might not have the glamor of the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge but the view was breathtaking nonetheless. Binoculars were hanging on the wall of each table at the bar to be used by customers.

View of Carquinez Bridge from The Dead Fish

Lunch with the family was a very enjoyable affair even though I found the crabs to be dry. It was still a fun experience. I would not mind going back to The Dead Fish for a drink and some appetizers and enjoy the wonderful view and friendly service once again.

Mr Sweetie and I drove back home and enjoyed the rest of this Saturday. It was a sunny and gorgeous day that we came across a garage sale in my neighborhood. Mr Sweetie parked and indulged me. I bought a really nice wall mirror for $5, a Japanese tea in pretty cans for a $1 and a stack of fine soaps for another $1! I even offered to pay more but the neighbors just wanted the stuff sold. We went home relaxing with our TV shows and napping. This Saturday was spent with the family but this was also our “date night”!



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