Gratitude post | july 2019

Remembering July before August ends then it will be “ber” months! Unbelievable!


♥ Cozy Day At Golden Gate Park …This was one of my two most favorite days this month. It was a work retreat at Golden Gate Park where we let our hair down for the entire day. Work provided a Mexican food truck where I stuffed myself with tacos (and even took a burrito home!). All day we could do different activities such as boating, volleyball, painting and succulent planting. I just parked myself at the succulent table and happily re-planted succulents in mason jars. I took 4 jars home and I was ecstatic! I also tried tile painting although I sucked at it! It was a cold and cozy day at the park among great co-workers. And a lovely day to remember.

♥ Fourth of July …. Our holiday celebration was low-key, restful and delicious. I wrote about it including my recipe for the beef fajita that I cooked on that day.


♥ J’s Baby Shower….This was another favorite day of mine in July. This day is a day of miracle as every precious life is. Friends celebrated J’s baby Mateo who was born just few days after the shower! I got to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends that I have not seen in almost decade! When the last of the guests left, I hangout with our friend JM who hosted the party at her house along with Kim whom I have not seen in longer than 10 years! It was so nice to catch up! It was also a warm, sunny day in the Bay Area and just a happy day with old friends.


The Cook And Her Farmer….Oyster Po boy at an 102 year old market in Old Oakland. I wrote about our fun date night here.

♥ Hanoi Chicken Noodle and bizarre Saturday…. Hainanese chicken and duck claypot and more. I wrote about our food coma date night here. This Saturday was eventful in the manner of our television has bizarrely stopped working. It stopped working the night before and started working the following morning. After our big homecooked brunch, we were even able to finish watching “My Cousin Vinny” which is a classic. (Marisa Tomei was super- hot!) As soon as it finished, I asked Mr Sweetie if we should get a new TV or should let it go since it is working again. As soon as I uttered those words (as if on cue!), the TV turned off and went dead! *play Twilight Zone soundtrack here* I was so freaked out that I told him I wanted that TV out of the house and for him to stop watching scary shows! We went to his warehouse unit where luckily there is a brand new TV in storage. (This was how we discovered Hanoi Chicken on our way back home from picking up the TV.)

♥ Saturday Birthday….Mr Sweetie and I hosted his sister’s surprise birthday party at our house. The theme was Mexican. It was cute and plenty of Mexican food that was more than enough for friends and family to eat and take home. It was not necessarity date night but it was on a Saturday and with food which is what Saturday date night is about. 🙂

Delicious Eats With Friends

♥ Happy Hour with BFF at Whole Foods…. A quick Friday meetup with BFF. As always it was so wonderful to catch up on life, plan J’s baby shower, talk about books, etc, I am now a fan of Whole Foods Happy Hour. We had a glass of bubbly each and shared a cauliflower tempura. It looked weird but it is actually good. What a fun way to end the week with BFF!

♥ Happy Hour At Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen (SF)….We came to Hazel Southern Bar in SF to celebrate our friend R’s birthday. Few minutes before our scheduled dinner, R texted us that M, his partner, had become ill because of food poisoning. A& BFF decided to meet up anyway which was really nice as we do not get to do this together often. We really enjoyed talking about J’s baby shower that just happened, catch up on people we know over a couple of delicious drinks and little plates. There will be part two in August when we finally got to celebrate R’s birthday. It was a very fun evening with my girls!

♥ Lunch at Golden Era Vegan (SF)….Yummy and healthy lunch with my friend, Alice, who was in between offices as her new office is being built. It was really great to finally have lunch with her after trying to meet up for a year! (Such busy lives we live!)

Family Sundays

♥ Family Sundays…. A traditional breakfast of garlic rice, fish, sausage and egg. or silog (si is short for sinangag which is garlic rice and log for itlog which is egg in Tagalog). Except we ate this at our church’s sunny kitchen after the worship service. Both of my siblings and their family were there and we all enjoyed eating together before we broke off to do our own errands. (Shopping for me.) It is always a blessing to be together as a family. My sister works every other Sunday so we usually do not get to see her at church. Another Sunday lunch of pansit at my brother and sis in law’s house, and pasalubong or care package from my parents and aunt via my uncle who came back from the Philippines.


Karma Repair (self-care)…. We reap what we sow. Taking care of our bodies translate to better health, peace and joy.

♥ Getting lost in succulents….It has been on my list this year to create a succulent garden. I have a lot of succulents that my sister in law gave me who also collects them, and from parties that I attended where succulents are popular as party favor giveaways. I have always wanted to replant them to group them beautifully together. As always, the issue is finding the time. At our work retreat despite the many activities offered, I just sat down and spent more than an hour concentrating on nothing but the succulents. It was a chilly day of solitude at Golden Gate Park, and the entire activity was very therapeutic. I got to take them home where they are enjoying the sun on the kitchen’s window sill, and I fondly remember that cozy afternoon everytime I look at them.


I am grateful for the opportunities of rest after an exhausting month of June. I am grateful for my generous workplace that tries its best to care and appreciate its employees by giving us an entire day of solitude at our retreat in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. I am very thankful for the happy arrival of the little baby boy that my friends have prayed for for so many years. I am grateful for precious times with my siblings, nephews and niece, the love of my parents and family that they send from across the oceans in the form of delicious treats, another year of birthday in my friend R’s life, fun Saturday dates with Mr Sweetie and restful moments at home with him. I am thankful for the blessings of freedom despite the atrocious, inhumane, barbaric and racist not-my-president that sadly a majority of the US citizens have voted for. I am thankful for the endless joys and blessings that the Lord tirelessly bestow on me and everyone that I love.

Thank you, July, for the gorgeous summer days!

Hello, August!

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