Washington dc | postcards from lincoln memorial

It was not my intention to pay Lincoln Memorial another visit during my trip to Washington DC . Google map says it is a 39 minute walk from my hotel. Actually, it took me almost an hour and half to get there (and it felt like it, too, in the hot, humid weather!) I guess it was because I had so many stops looking at pretty much everything from souvenir shops to reading historic markers along the way. I also have already been to the National Mall and Lincoln Memorial during my previous visit in 2013 that I did not plan on visiting again. But Washington Memorial beckoned me to keep on walking towards these monuments. I will also be honest that I am disheartened upon learning in the intense Racial Equity classes that I recently took Abraham Lincoln’s stance on race in the discombobulated and messy history of our nation.

I am glad that I went because it was a great experience to see the monument once again in its imposing glory. It was also great to see it when it in the bright afternoon sun. In 2013, my friend Kathleen and I saw it at dusk which made it more emotionally powerful for me seeing it for the first time. The ambiance was more mysterious and gripping.

The real reason why I decided to keep on walking was to stand where Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. stood and delivered his speech that changed the nation, “I Have A Dream.” I will dedicate a separate post to honor Dr King’s legacy on my blog.

Please join me on my stroll as I walked across the Constitutions Gardens from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial across the National Mall. It was a beautiful warm and humid day cooled later down by a refreshing breeze as I sat on the steps of Lincoln Memorial facing Washington Monument to the west. It was beautiful moment of solitude that I will always remember.

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