Washington dc | lovely lunch at american son

Whenever I travel for work, unless I am dining with friends, I often prefer to eat within the comforts of my hotel room. I would get food to go (sometimes pick up a bottle of wine as well) and bring the food and wine to my room where I would eat in my pj’s while reading. Honestly, for me, I find this more blissful than fine dining!

When I was in Washington DC, I had a couple of nice solo dining experiences. Looking back now, I believe it was because my room at Eaton Workshop was so stuffy that I spent a lot of time outside of my room at cafes when I was not working.

American Son seems to be hot in the dining scene in DC when I was there in June and its chef, Chef Tim Ma, seems to be well-regarded. I had lunch here not because of its celebrity status but because it was located at Eaton Workshop where I was staying. I needed coffee, food and a place to hangout before going to my meetings.

American Son is airy and open that I decided to check it out. (And after Kintsugi, Eaton Workshop’s cafe, left a bad taste in my mouth because of one very rude barista.) Chef Ma’s personal story and sweet handwritten note to his parents opens the menu. In it, he thanks them for introducing his sister and him to the American way of life. “You taught us a language you did not know, fed us food you could not cook and immersed us in a culture you did not understand.” This is the story behind the restaurant’s name — American Son.

I remember not being too keen on what was being offered on the menu at the time. I decided to get a Fried Chicken Sandwich and an oatmilk latte, instead, although I am not a big fan of fried chicken sandwiches. (Give me fried chicken anytime minus the bun!) The sandwich was actually pretty tasty in its simplicity. It came in brioche bun with tomatoes, butter lettuce and ranch dressing which I forgot to ask the server to not put on my chicken since it is dairy. It also came with fries.

It was a beautiful warm summer day when I had lunch at American Son. The service was friendly and attentive. I was able to enjoy my lunch while reading without being rushed. Other customers seem to be hanging out and enjoying the afternoon in the not very busy restaurant as well.

I thought that $14 for my sandwich was a great value compared to the $40 burger — also from American Son– that I had delivered to my room for dinner. ($18 for the burger with tater tots before all the fees and tip.)

The latte was nice and the fried chicken sandwich was delicious. The fried chicken was crispy on the outside while the meat was tender and juicy. I read that one of the criticisms of American Son is its small portions for the price. My sandwich was pretty big that I was only able to eat half. My burger was indeed disappointingly small although I must say, it was was memorably very good that I remember telling myself that I should tell Mr Sweetie about my very juicy and tasty burger. It was made with ground beef ribeye.

I will fondly remember my lunch at American Son as a lovely solo travel memory in Washington DC (although I prefer to forget my $40 in-room delivery burger and tater tots!)

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