Oakland | a + burger”

I am obsessed! What I mean by obsessed — I am constantly thinking of A + Burger’s luscious sandwiches! I have not even tried their burgers yet. However, if a salad could convince me to go back, the place must be really good! When I finally tried their sandwich, consider me hopelessly hooked!

I discovered this place on Yelp (the app that I have a love-hate relationship with. It is more hate than love but I must say it is a great tool to find new places to eat!) As always, it was Saturdate and I am tasked to find a new place to try for date night. Lucky for me, I go and Mr Sweetie follows. And as I have mentioned previously, we try new restaurants that we have not been to every Saturday. So easy where we live in the Bay Area where there are thousands of restaurants around. Where we go on date nights really just depends on what we are craving for at that moment.

I chose A+ Burger because Mr Sweetie is on a no carb diet (and Saturday is his cheat day). He wanted a burger because at least it is protein. And I saw an Ahi Tuna Salad on the menu. It was a big win for both of our appetites!

Let me just say that my Ahi Tuna Salad was not only delicious but gorgeous as well. It had lots of colors and textures. The salad had ahi tuna mixed with cranberries, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, and a ginger sesame dressing. If only my home made salads are this good! My tongue was definitely happy as I enjoyed the combination of sweet, salty and savory in a bowl.

Mr Sweetie ordered an A1 Burger which came with crispy potatoes, cheese, lettuce and seasoned with A1 sauce. (He said that the restaurant’s namesake A+ Burger intimidated him that he skipped it. It comes with fried eggplant, bacon and glazed with Jack Daniels Bourbon.)

A1 Burger which came with crispy potatoes, cheese, lettuce and seasoned with A1 sauce

We both enjoyed our meals but looking at his burger really burned a hole in my memory that I became obsessed with wanting to try it. However, I am trying to be good and decided to wait until after we return from our vacation to Hawaii. Well, let me say that I I ate my words shortly after that but I have no regrets. Another Saturday when we were both so burnt out, a very rare occasion when we decide to stay in for movie and Grubhub delivery. I convinced Mr Sweetie to order from A+ Burger again. I had a Korean BBQ Beef Sandwich with Fried Egg. It was as good as I dreamed it up to be!

Here are some more pictures to whet your appetitie. And yes, I am still obsessed. I had a few personal days off these last two months and I have seriously considered going back for a solo lunch. This time, I will definitely wait until after coming back from our vacation! (Hopefully I would not have to go on diet to shed some vacation pounds!)

Another plus, the restaurant is comfortable inside and perfect for al fresco dining on a lovely warm day in Oakland. The prices at A+ Burger were also surprisingly cheap for the portions. Everything is under $10 which is so unheard of in this insanely expensive Bay Area! And on that particular Saturday, the flowers were so beautiful and in full bloom!

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