Washington dc |checking in at cambria hotel

Cambria Hotel in Washington DC was my second home base while I was there for work for an entire week. I stayed at Cambria Hotel for my last 3 days in DC while I stayed at Eaton Workshop during the first 4 days. I wrote about how I did not really like my stay at Eaton Workshop for several reasons. One of the main ones was because I did not find my entire stay relaxing.

At Cambria Hotel, though, it was a different story. Walking in, it felt like home. The hotel itself was low-key and laid back. The hotel itself felt less stuffy in terms of space and ambiance. Both the hotel and its neighborhood location felt much more down to earth.


When I checked in, there was a catered event for what looked like a non-profit organization. Dozens of casually-dressed people of all ages some wearing shorts and sweatpants occupied the lobby/restaurant. They were loudly talking and even working on arts and crafts but they did not bother me. In fact, they were a breath of fresh air from the stuffy clientele of Eaton Workshop. The lobby and dining area are located in the same space. The people were happily moving around between the bar areas and dining tables. They seemed to be having a great time and dining buffet-style. The event continued on everyday even on my last day when I had dinner. Some might be put off by this but I was not. This ties in with the casual vibe of the hotel.

The hotel is contemporary and very spacious. Some might consider it just plain square but I liked the bright open space plan after feeling cooped in at the Eaton Workshop.


My bedroom was huge! In fact, it was a suite. It had a living room that was separated from the bedroom by an entertainment console. My bedroom was comfortable and I had all the creature comforts such as two televisions (one in the living room and one in the bedroom), fridge where I was able to put wine and roast chicken from the grocery store next door, coffee maker, ironing board, etc. (I hate it when a fridge is provided but unusable because it is stuffed with items for purchase only!)

The bathroom was clean and big with great water pressure. I always love the rain shower head. I should have one installed in my own bathroom at home!


I wished that I stayed at Cambria Hotel during my entire stay in DC. (Although I am glad that I got to experience staying at Eaton Workshop and experience a different neighborhood.) Shaw neighborhood where Cambria is located is more down to earth. There were places for casual dining such as an Ethiopian restaurant, wine bars, gourmet cheese shops and deli. There was even a Chinese herb store that made me think of walking into a magical store set in Chinatown. It is a neighborhood where people actually live in.


Unfortunately I did not get to try any of the eateries in this neighborhood. By this time of my work trip, I was already pretty burnt out. At the end of each work day, I just wanted to take a shower, change into my pj’s and eat in my room. I really appreciated the grocery store next door where I was able to get a bottle of wine and roast chicken.

On my last night, I ate at the hotel’s in-house restaurant, Social Circle Bar and Grill. During my last evening in Washington DC, I ordered a celebratory steak after a successful work trip to DC, and after months of stressful preparations. I did not want to venture out of the hotel anymore and it was the perfect venue for dining then riding the elevator back to my room. Surprisingly, my meal was delicious! The flat iron steak ($19) was perfectly medium rare and juicy, and the fries were nicely crispy and salty. I had a cocktail that was forgettable but service was very nice, attentive and friendly. I really enjoyed my last solo dining experience in DC at Social Circle.


The view of the neighborhood from my hotel room was magnificent. I will let the pictures convince you.

It was a lovely stay. If I ever get a chance to go back to DC, I would like to stay at the Cambria Hotel again and explore this vibrant neighborhood.

Cambria Hotel 899 O Street Washington, D.C. 20001

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