Happy Halloween!

I just love Halloween! Every year, I eagerly look forward to this fun holiday so I can start decorating my house with pumpkins, little ghosties and skeletons. I do not like anything scary or gory. I tend to go for cutesy. This is also the time of the year when I binge on Disney Channel and watch kids’ Halloween shows. Yup, I devour Raven’s World, Jessie, Transylvania movies, etc. I do not care how cheesy they are!


  • reminds me to not take life too seriously.
  • brings out the kid in me.
  • also reminds me that good wins over evil.
  • makes me feel grateful for the comfort and safety of my home.
  • makes me crack up as I see my co-workers dress up for Halloween.
  • means it is pumpkin season!
  • brings me joy as I see cute little trick or treaters come my door.
  • makes me happy when I see little faces smile as they get their chocolates.
  • makes me grateful for the blessings of fall and harvest.
  • makes the house super-cozy!

And no, just because I enjoy Halloween does not mean that I worship the devil, or something. In fact, halloween reminds me that I have been delivered from evil through God’s Grace and Love that endures forever. I am also just a kid at heart who will always love Halloween!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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