Oakland | la calaca loca

I love traditions. It occurred to me that around Halloween-time, Mr Sweetie and I gravitate towards La Calaca Loca. La Calaca Loca means “crazy skeleton” in Spanish. The restaurant celebrates Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) year round as manifested in its decor.

Maybe this is the reason why two years in row, Mr Sweetie and I have found ourselves here during the fall season in October/November. It was unintentional that we choose to eat at La Calaca Loca during this very particular season. But since it has been two years running that we have been coming here, and I enjoyed those visits tremendously, a dinner La Calaca Loca every fall is going to be a yearly tradition.

We have dined at this casual, fun and quirky eatery for many years. Since there are so many restaurants in the Bay Area, we really have not gone here much even though I really like this Mexican restaurant. Mr Sweetie thinks that the dishes are greasy but good. As for me, I just love everything here from the margaritas, food and decor. I also like to drive Mr Sweetie nuts by saying, LA CALACA LOCA! over and over again. (I dare you say it really fast ten times!)

We used to go crazy and order like clog arteries are just a figment of imagintion. I am talking about queso fundido, loaded nachos, elote, greasy quezadillas, wet burrito, etc.

We have gotten more health conscious and still enjoy delicious Mexican food here but no longer try to order everything on the menu in one seating!

These photos are a combination of our meals last year and October this year. On our latest meal, Mr Sweetie ordered a wet burrito while I had a shrimp plate with rice and beans. (I was craving the shrimp plate that we had in Hawaii last September.) We also shared a basket of nachos. And as I always, I could not resist the margarita.

Our meal at La Calaca Loca never disappoints and it is always a delicious food coma. I hope for us to dine here again next fall around Halloween. This is now part of our fall tradition. I also hope that La Calaca Loca stays as many restaurants in the Bay Area close their doors because of the very high cost of living here.

It was another casual yet fun date night. We went back home and watched Vincent Price’s Last Month On Earth (1964) on Creature Feature. Such a fun and perfect almost Halloween Saturdate!

Cheers, La Calaca Loca! Until next fall (but you might see us sooner if we start craving your yummy, greasy Mexican food!)

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